Sprouts of life

~*~Second Chances ~*~👩🏻‍🌾🐈🐕👣🦋🕊



Close to My Heart🐈🐾

Sprouts of Spring 🌱

View in the Morning hours🐓

Charlie the big Pup🐕

Can we play🐾🍄🐕My Berto with Copper and Charlie🐕

The wonder of my existence 🦋the 7 years of struggle🦋the mending of my body🦋the nurturing of my mind🦋each day in the morning 🦋and gathering strength in moving on🦋limbs by limbs, step by step🦋praising God in all my Grace🦋 7 years have passed👣step by step I move in grace, glitz of human mistakes, marked each year of scars that heals🦋 the scar that is visible that shows courage and faith🦋in shaking ground of reality, the invisible scar behind the strength is weakening when anxious mind refuse to wait👩🏻‍🌾 Let their be light shining on my morning hour, let their be strength behinds my purpose, let their be hope, faith & love❤ and to remind myself that this a temporary journey 🦋 7 years has passed post failed spinal fusion day👣 but in a Leap of Faith🕊 I will continue my journey in this temporary life I am prepared to be👩🏻‍🌾

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Gimpy Momma

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