Florida Museum of Natural History Visit Larissa Boruk

Nature on Display

I really liked this part of the museum because you got to see a part of nature you wouldn't get to see on a daily basis and all the different colors of the different types of butterflies. In this exhibit I got a up close interaction with the butterflies as one landed on me while I was in there. I really enjoyed the scenery with the plants and the water falls. I loved that you could watch the butterflies up close and personal to see how they survive. I really liked how they presented this exhibit this way because you get to see the butterflies in their natural habitat in a sense. This exhibit caught my eye because of all the different elements with in it like the different color and shapes of the the butterflies as well as the different flowers that were in the Butterfly Rainforest. I took both of these pictures at the Butterfly Rainforest.

Nature and Ethics

I think that the museum did a good job in letting us experience this exhibit in the way that Leopold says. The museum lets us admire and respect the butterflies because the butterflies are in a safe space where they can be free in the sense. In my picture it shows the enclosure that the butterflies where in. As I went through the exhibit I got to see and admire the delicacy of butterflies and their beauty. Other people were amazed at all the butterflies as they were flying around and landing around as well as on top of people. The museum allowed for people to connect with nature in a way that was safe for the butterflies and an experience for us. We got to watch up closely the butterflies. I think my experience did instill a ethical responsibility to nature because it wanted us to appreciate nature in a safe way for the animals. This photo was taken by me at the Butterfly Rainforest.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I think the museum did allow us to step out of our ordinary lives because it allowed me to just relax and enjoy the butterflies and the nature with in the rainforest. It helps us better understand who we are because it shows us a different aspect of life that is different from our aspect of life. We live in a world where we use nature to helps us survive. We have a connection with nature because we share similarities. It helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of nature because there is still a lot we don't know about how nature works. There is a part of nature that is filled with unknown and I think coming in close quarters with a part of nature allows us to better understand and observe it. There is majesty because nature itself works in a way that is so interesting and so unique that is majestic. Humans and nature work is somewhat different ways but nature has this beauty to it that is really amazing. These photos were both taken by me in the Butterfly Rainforest.

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