Pop-Art Abby Petry

3/14: I was at a DECA trip for school last class, so I was not here. The class before that, I drew my 6 pop-art sketches. We learned about 9 different artists, their life, and their style of pop-art. Our sketches were based off the person who we were most interested in, which mine was Jasper Johns. Today Ms. McCall is going to help me decide which sketches to use for my project.

3/20: Last class that we were working on our pop art projects, I changed my artist from Jasper Johns to Evelyne Axell and had to re-do my sketches. Today, I will be taking one of the sketches that I did, and turning it into my book cover. It will end up being cut into two, so that needs to be considered for which one to use. Axell mostly uses the colors red, blue, green, and yellow.

3/22: Last class I took my sketch with the ice cream to create my book cover. I did this by making the shape of it an ice cream cone. Inside of the ice cream cone was my design. Today, I will color both sides of my cover and make sure that all of my sketches are done before next class. I will also put my cover on matte board today and finish it off.

3/24: Last class i colored both of my designs inside my cover. The lines in the background are colored with colored pencil. Today, I am going to color the ice cream cones inside of my design with marker. After my whole cone is colored, I am going to cut it out. The next step is to put it on the matte board to finish my cover.

3/28: Last class I cut my ice cream cones out of the big paper so that it was able to be put on the matte board. Today, I will trace the cones on the board so that it fits on there. After I trace the cone, I will bring it in 1/2 an inch so that the paper can fold over the matte board. Once everything is cut out with the xacto knife, I will glue the paper cone onto the matte board cone. To get it to fit properly I will have to make slits on the paper and fold it onto the board to finally finish my cover.

3/30: Last class I finished putting my ice cream cone on the matte board and gluing it down. I am now totally done with my cover. Today I am going to start putting my other 2 sketches that I have onto the big piece of white paper. One sketch will go on the front side, and the other will go on the back side. If I finish drawing my sketches on the white paper, I will begin to color it.

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