Johnson County

3 VIPs in Johnson Coutnty

  • Reverends Thomas Johnson he officially organized Johnson County and William Thomas
  • James Butler Hickok who was a contabek in Manticello Township before going on to frame as a scout and frontiersmen.

Some events in Johnson county were, September 17, 1857 Johnson County became a County, September 1, 1856 there was the Bull Creek battle, and 1839 was the founding of the Shawnee Methodist Mission and Indian Manual Labor school was one of the most important events in early county history. The Shawnee Methodist mission was used as the basis for a novel.

Went to Rolling Ridge, Oregon Trail, and Olathe North
  • Cities in Johnson County as 2010
  • Olathe-125,872 people
  • Overland Park-173,372 people
  • Gardner- 19,123 people
  • Lenexa 48,190 people

The current county Clerk in Hanes Zacharias and the current county Sheriff as of 5/1/17 is Calvin Hayden and the county was named after Revernds Thomas Johnson.

  • Edgerton Grange Hall
  • Black Feather Farm
  • Foster, Herman D. House (Gardner Historical Muesum)
  • Olathe Cementary- oldest in Olathe
  • Broadmoor Ranch house historic District
Gardner Hall, Blackfeather Farm, and Broadmoor Ranch House
  • Common Jobs
  • Sales, office, administrative support
  • Management, business, finance
  • Production, transportation, material moving

Extra Fact- Was one of the original 33 counties organized by the territorial legisture.

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