Journey Through the Emerald Isle Ireland travel log: 2016 and 2017

The images contained in this travel log are the results of two trips to Ireland made between Sept 2016 and June 2017. Our adventures took us to both the northwest and southern part of Ireland. There is much to see and experience in this beautiful country and two trips of a week each just scratch the surface of this island's treasures.


My approach to travel photography is a combination or pre-planning and serendipity. Pre-planning is always best , but the reality of weather, time constraints and unforeseen circumstances interfere with plans; that's where a serendipitous approach helps ( and an ipad with WiFi service nearby). You probably will not see a lot of the postcard locations here because we tend to avoid them and go with "the path least traveled." Along the way, I will point out some of the images that were enhanced using special Photoshop and Elements tools.

Whats in the bag?

28-70 F2.8 zoom

70-200 F2.8 zoom

17-70mm F4 zoom

DSLR and Backup

Polarizer and split ND filters



Geography: Where are we going? courtesy of GraphicMaps.com

From Dublin in the East to Donnegal and Galway in the west there is a wealth of subject matter for the photographer. From people, architecture, and street photography to close ups of interesting objects.


Views in the Claddagh District
Stained Glass window at the original chapel at Knock, before and after creative processing.

Countryside Views

There are many beauftiful landscapes in Ireland. Slieve League located nothwest of Donegal City is a great alternative to the crowded tourist location of the Cliffs of Moor.

Irish countryside near Donegal, Cavan, Galway and county Claire
Lake Meelagh sunrise, County Rosecommon
Pastureland near Donegal
Dun Na Ri National Forest, County Cavan, before and after creative processing in Photoshop

County Cork, Youghal and Kinsale

Youghal is a historic port town located on the southern coast near the city of Cork known in the past for its military and economic significance. As a historic walled seaport it has many historic buildings and monuments within its ancient town walls, and has been designated as an Irish Heritage Port by the Irish Tourist Board. It is the place where Walter Raleigh first introduced the potato into Ireland and where where much of Ireland’s medieval trade passed.

The town's historic clock tower had special significance on our trip. The tower was used as a storehouse for trade goods as well as serving as the town jail during the rebellion of 1798. The current structure, built in 1777, served the town as the jail and public gallows until 1837 when it was considered not suitable to the health of prisoners. It then became a home for the McGrath family ( my wifes relatives) ,who were the caretakers of the structure until 1952. We received a special tour of the inside and the tower roof walk from our guide, Ms. Dorothy McGrath.

Clock tower of Yougal, Ireland
Car show in Youghal
Saint Maltose Church, Kinsale

In and around Dublin Town and Northern Ireland

Beleek Factory in Northern Ireland

Hand painting in the factory

Beleek Factory in Northern Ireland

Thatched roof Cottage in Adare

Of Castle and Cottage....

" We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment"... Helair Belloc


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