Self Designed Exhibit fly fishing

1.) For this self designed exhibit I will monitor my progress in the sport of Fly Fishing. I Just recently, I joined the fly fishing club even though I don't know much about the sport. However, I plan on learning much more about the sport through experience because I have always wanted to fly fish. I want to test and see if I catch more fish, as I learn more about the sport and experience the sport more. To do this, I will record the number of fish I catch on my first five trips. I will then compare the number of fish I caught my first few trips, to the number of fish I caught on my later trips as I gain more experience.

2. Hypothesis: The more I learn about the sport and the more I experience it, the more fish I will catch.

Trip #1 3/14/17: On my first trip I went with my good buddy Harvard to fish the streams in Pisgah National forest in North Carolina. I had a lot of trouble working the spool on the reel and could not perfect the cast with the fly. I lost several hooks. However, by some luck of god I hooked a fish on my first few casts but could not net it because I was still such a rookie. Catches 0.

Trip#2 4/5/17: On Sunday, two days after my first trip, we went back to the same spot. On this trip I felt much more comfortable in the stream. I worked the rod and the fly much more efficiently and didn't lose any hooks this time. However, I didn't get a bite or catch any fish, but I could tell I was getting better at the sport. Catches 0.

Trip #3 4/12/17. The next Sunday I went on my third trip with Harvard again. This trip I was much more confident in my abilities and the rod began to feel natural in my hands. I had one or two bites in the beginning of the trip but that was about it. Right when we were about to call it day I felt a strong bite and successfully hooked one. It was a smaller rainbow trout, but , it was the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. Catches 1.

Harvard's post of my first trout.

Trip #4/17/17. On this trip I basically felt like I had been fly fishing for years. I had learned so much from Harvard on the previous three trips and had learned so much from my mistakes. I learned what kinds of lures to use, where to cast, and spots to stay away from. For example, I learned from Harvard, that the best place to cast in is a a slow moving channel distanced from the main stream. On this trip I also learned a lot from Martin Pazdan, my big brother in the fraternity , who has had much fly fishing experience. With much gained knowledge and experience, we absolutely tore them up on this trip. I caught 4 trout; all bigger than my first one on Trip #3. Catches 4.

One of the beautiful Rainbow Trout.
One of my catches on Martin's Instagram

Trip #5 4/31/17. On the Last day of the month, I went on my fifth trip. On this trip, I didn't even realize I was fly fishing because it felt so natural. I was just caught up in the beauty of Pisgah forest. This trip I caught two trout, one less then my last trip but it was still a successful day. I would have posted the pictures but the bag with all of our phones turned out not to be waterproof. Catches 2.

Reflection. Im not going to lie, I am completely obsessed with fly fishing now and it's all I can think about all day and everyday. I absolutely love it. On my first trip I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I held the group up, lost supplies, and couldn't even properly string my rod. I really thought I had gotten into the wrong sport. However, on the car ride home from the first trip Harvard informed me on what I was doing wrong and gave me little pointers. He also told me that mindset is ninety percent of it. On the second trip I took Harvard's pointers and advice into hand. For example, I was fishing with dry flies and Harvard recommended that I use wet ones. The wet flies flowed so much smoother on the rod and made all the difference in the world. However, I still didn't catch any fish but felt much more comfortable in my environment because I had kept a positive mindset. On the third trip I caught my first trout because I had increased my level of experience with the sport, and that experience just kept carrying over. I caught four BIG trout on the fourth trip because I simply just knew what I was doing, and I caught two decent sized trout on fifth trip. So, my number of catches went from 0, to 0, to 1, to 4, to 2. It is obvious that I was catching fish much more consistently on my last two trips. This increase in my amount of catches just proves the fact that a little bit of experience will go a long way.


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