7. Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals Learning Outcome 6

Top 15 Core Values

Top 10 Core Values

Top 5 Core Values

Short-term goals

  • Being able to pass all my classes and graduate on time. This goal relates to hope because I have hope to improve my grades. The plan is to focus on studying more
  • Being to stay on top of my work & study more. This goal relates to knowledge, because I need to stay focus to put in more study time. I can improve on how I take notes.
  • Go back to exercising 4-5 days a week. This goal relates to growth, because I want to make improvements with my health. I need to find more space in my schedule to exercise.
  • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. This goal relates to realism because every person needs to show respect to each other
  • Be able to gain my scholarship back. This goal relates to being focused because I need to work if I want this to happen.

Long-term goals

  • Be finically stable by the age of 45 (owning a house, good credit, minimum debt, etc.) This goal relates to wealth because I want to be able to buy my needs and wants. I can achieve this by working and finding a job with god pay.
  • Living in Charlotte, Boston, Miami, our Houston. This goal relates to adventure because one day, I want to move out of South Carolina. I can achieve by having a savings plan.
  • I want to start my own sports agency by the age of 30. This goal relates to hope, because owning my own sports agency always been a dream job for me. To achieve this goal, I need to work my way up the ladder in the sports industry.
  • Start building up my career by my junior year of college. This goal relates to growth because I want to continue to grow as I go on with my years at and after Clemson.
  • Have a salary over $100,000 before I turn 30. Having a good salary relates back to wealth because I want to have plenty of money to be able to survive in the future.


  • When I got to my top ten choices, it started to become a difficult process. Some choices were easy to make, and some were not. I was able to eliminate some choices by comparing them. A good amount of the choices had similar meanings to each other. In the top ten some of the choices that were difficult, was stability, leisure, humor, dependability, and industry. Stability was difficult for me to eliminate because in the future I want to be able to have a stable life and live comfortably. Leisure was also a hard choice to make because I like to take the time to relax and enjoy life. Humor was another because, I like to have fun and joke around with other people. The fourth choice that was hard for me to make was dependability. I like to be reliable and trustworthy towards myself, instead of depending on someone else for something. The final choice that was difficult was industry, I like to work hard and put my effort into any task in life.
  • The five final choices I end up with was wealth, God’s will, adventure, family, and realism. The reason why I ended up with wealth because, I like to have plenty of money and enjoy spending it. Without money, you won’t be able to get the things you need or want. I choose “God’s Will” to be in my top five because, I like to seek and obey the will of God. Adventure was a third choice of mine because, I like to have new experiences and travel a lot. Family was a fourth choice of mine because I like being happy and loving with my intermediate family and close people around me. Realism was a final choice for me, because I try to be realistic with everyone around me. I can use awareness of what value to help me achieve short-term and long-term goals by using my top five choices as a motivational factor. This could drive me, to achieve my goals and other things in life.

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