Be You STay Stong,Live Strong,RePeat­čĺ¬

Hi my name is Amber

Thus is my stiry.Once in 4th grade i used ti be very shy I didn't know what to do it was like I was in the shell of scaredness I try to fit in but I didn't except me it was like some fun stopping me is someone trying to make me less strong that I made these three girls they taught me how to do you stay strong little strong and keep saying things I've never thought I had friends like them I was so if you were going to let me in the school it's just so hard to be like someone but you know it's not right it was just like how can I do this I'm the new kid is like doesn't know me so I started to put people in I'm in fifth grade and face are those the girls now I know to stay strong live strong in pizza same thing now I'm in fifth grade and I am a proud 10-year-old and I always remember that same day. people if you need help look at my story and think about the things that you want to do and how you going to do it his ashes are stronger than words remember that

Dont Be Afraid

Dont let anyone stop you

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Amber Floyd

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