Wizard of Oz Project By matthew Bush

Represents the American people's values. Others believe she represents president Theodore Roosevelt.
He represents western farmers. He doesn't have a brain but can solve problems

Tinman represents factory workers and he was immobilized with rust like factory workers felt when the factory's closed down.

He represents a man named William Jennings Bryan who supported free silver but he was a man with a loud roar but no power.
Represents gold and how gold leads to power.
She represents eastern businesses
Represents politician William McKinley who defended Bryan in the free silver movement.
Mark Hanna, who was the Republican party's chairman at the time.
Represents the gold vs silver issue of the time.
Represents native Americans that they were once free and now are trapped by someone else's power
Represents the average American
Represents Washington DC
Represents the free silver movement
Uncle Henry represents Henry Cantwell Wallace and editor of a famous farming magazine
She represents the northern workers.

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