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I work with Tibetan Sound bowls, their sound and vibration to bring healing and balance to the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Having studied chakra balancing techniques in Nepal I work with a set of 14 hand made healing bowls playing along the body to relax, release and move energy and therefore emotions and tensions.


From the work with sound bowls and experiencing ceremonies ranging from indian pujas to shamanic plant medicine ceremonies it became a natural process to create a setting where these different traditions can come together.

From groups of 4 to sessions with 30 people

We give space for whatever wants to arise, for bliss and also to that what is still dark and longs to be brought into the light of your presence. The invitation of the different instruments like the Tibetan sound bowls and other heart instruments like Sansula and chimes are obvious; Relax. Truly relaxing has a surrendering quality and great potential for healing.

The Sound Bowls will be played in close proximity to the body to balance your chakras and take you on a journey through the different layers of your consciousness. Next to sounds there will be mantra chanting to open our circle and to set intentions. Also, we will use different scents coming from a more shamanic tradition in order to ground and to open.

Differently, to a concert setting, it is not about creating the perfect sound experience and harmony, in this ceremony we hold space for each other so that we can heal, gain insight and celebrate what ever is real in that exact moment.

One on One Sound Healing

Differently to a ceremonial setting here the focus is fully on you. Instead of the energy of the group that holds space for what ever arises, here we work on individual matters, go deeper where needed and enjoy the intimacy of silence in a focus session.

I will work with 7 bowls along the body to ballance all chakras from toes to crown and can also spend time on focus areas that are discussed beforehand or pop up during the session. Leaving you surrounded by sound bowls that all vibrate around you, allowing you to fully drop into a deep state of relaxation. In this state you are surfing on a wave between a conscious and a subconscious state where real healing can happen. No stories, no conceptual mind and the simplicity and immediacy of each moment remind you of your natural state.

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In these 2 day workshops I share a brief introduction on how to work with sound bowls. Starting with a some therory on chakras and how to work with subtle energy, we will move on to practice sessions where technical aspects of chakra balancing will be learned. If you are curious to find out more about the program and if this could be the right thing for you, shoot me a message and we can talk things trhough.


Joy and lightness are the driving forces behind My practice. I work with Tibetan joint loosening and movement practices originating from Yantra Yoga, Ashtanga inspired vinyasa yoga and mindful observation of stillness and movement.

Together with the use of sound in the form of your own voice while chanting mantras, music I create or songs I select, You are invited to an inward journey beyond the stories of the mind.

Further I work with Tibetan Sound Bowls to stimulate the energetic body and with pranic healing techniques bring balance to your chakra system.

The main purpose of my work is to help people connect to their true nature and share peace of mind and joy. I try to pick people up where they are, no need to fit into any form or image.


I studied the Astanga and Hatha Yoga systems during a 200h teacher training with Rishikul Yoga Shala from Rishikesh, India and have followed an additional 300h training with Delight Yoga, Amsterdam. During a longer stay in Nepal, I also received an education in sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.

I offer drop in classes, one on one classes as well as workshop and retreat setups where I give brief or in depth introductions to yoga, stress release techniques and physical and mental practices to connect to the here and now and what ever is real for you in that state.

Having practiced with different teachers from various direct lineages, I have had the chance to learn from direct sources of ancient knowledge. All leading to the same place; an honest and truthful connection to yourself. The self that is always there, beyond thoughts and ideas of right and wrong, allowing a look at the bigger picture. Resting in that has become my biggest joy and mission to share in life.

Feel free to connect and join this beautiful ride.


I’m currently traveling, which does not mean that I stand still concerning my work. I’ve built and packed a big van that carries an entire sound ceremony and yoga studio with mats and blankets and am open to co-create and offer my work throughout my travels in 2021

Next stops:

November & December 2021: AMSTERDAM (i’m coming home to teach some yoga, share some sound ceremonies and reconnect)

January 2022: Marvão Portugal (some magic in the making)

For bookings, next stops on the way or cooperation hit me up and drop me a message. I’m happy to be flexible along the travel route 😋🙏🏻✨

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