Behind the Barcodes Social Media Toolkit

Please help us spread the word about #BehindTheBarcodes campaign and hold supermarkets accountable for the mistreatment of farmers and workers around the world who farm, fish, and process the food they sell.

You can copy and paste the sample posts or click on the pre-populated buttons below. You can download and embed the images in your social posts, on your website or in blog posts.

Hashtags & Mentions

Use the #BehindTheBarcodes or #WholeStory hashtags, and feel free to mention @wholefoods, @giantfood, or @stopandshop on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

You can also tag @OxfamAmerica in any of your posts - and we'll amplify your voice!

Auto-populated Tweets and Posts

Thousands of people who fish & process seafood sold at supermarkets like @WholeFoods are working in unsafe conditions. Act now to demand supermarkets help end the human suffering behind our food: oxf.am/wholefoods-act #BehindTheBarcodes

As consumers, we have the power to demand that the people who produce the food we buy are treated humanely. Sign your name now to tell major US supermarkets, like @WholeFoods, to help end the human suffering behind our seafood: oxf.am/barcodes-act #behindthebarcodes

While supermarket CEOs are taking home huge salaries, the people who farm, fish and process our food barely earn enough to feed their families. This isn’t right – and we have the power to change it. Learn more: behindthebarcodes.org #BehindtheBarcodes

.@OxfamAmerica created a scorecard to assess some of America's supermarkets on 4 themes: transparency, workers’ rights, gender and farmers. None scored well and @WholeFoods received one of the lowest scores. Find out the #WholeStory at behindthebarcodes.org. #BehindTheBarcodes

More content & sample posts

Download one of these graphics or videos, copy the sample post text, and share to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Sample post text (copy and paste): What’s behind the seafood sold in supermarkets like @wholefoods? Discrimination. Physical abuse. Workers living in poverty and going hungry. Find out the #WholeStory at behindthebarcodes.org #BehindTheBarcodes

To download: Right click + "Save image as"

Sample post text (copy and paste): For every dollar you spend at a supermarket in the US, only 6 cents goes to the people who actually farm and produce your food. Find out more about the people #BehindTheBarcodes. Visit BehindTheBarcodes.org

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