Pegton By isaac jensen

This Utopia is for people who like the world today but wish it was a bit better and improved. So join today!

You can join today with one simple step. Simply ask to join.

The rules in the community are pretty easy too!

1. No killing

2. No plagerism

3. No wast of paper

4. No vandlism

5. No suicide

6. Do not resist law informent

7. Follow the rules for your city

8. Please respect others

9. You can join any job that you want

10. Be happy and enjoy your time living here!

The location could be difficult to reach but can also be easy in some ways. There is some new land formed by volcanoes in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

The days here are simple and easy to get through!

Wake up

Eat breakfast

Prepare for day

Go to work or school

Eat lunch

Resume Work

Come home

Eat Dinner

Go to bed


The day is just like normal but instead it has the new rules in place!

The government is a democracy except there are two presidents.

The reason why I chose this is simple. Having one president, well they just don't always make the right decisions so with two, things will be much better!

Now, not everyone wants to live in a strange community so I will let peer pressure do all the work.

If you have any questions for me just email me at

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