Brian Davis About Me

Me beside the New River in my hometown of Fries, VA. Sorry I don't do pictures very good as this selfie is the first new picture of me in over 3 years. I HATE TAKING PICTURES!!!

I am from Fries, Virginia a former cotton mill town along the New River where I have lived my whole life along with my two adult twin girls who have families of their own and they live nearby in Galax and Independence Va. One is a registered nurse and the other is a certified auto and diesel mechanic crazy huh she took after her old man who likes to work on such things. Actually she is the better mechanic but she is also a certified paramedic or will be after she completes her training. I also have an older brother who is a retired Marine as I am a former Marine myself and my sister in law is retired Navy. I also drive a truck in which I own three but one of them is in the shop being worked on and yes my daughter is the one working on it for me. It is my pride and joy a Kenworth W900L set up to pull heavy equipment and freight weighing over a 150,000 LBS, it has a 625 CATERPILLAR engine with an 18 speed transmission and 3.55 ratio rear ends as I said it going to be set up for pulling heavy loads. Even though I am working towards becoming a teacher I am still a truck driver at heart and I still can make money during the summer breaks. As I am also a licensed freight broker in my spare time, but I only do that for heavy freight now a days. My other two trucks are used to haul logs, lumber, dust, chips, and mulch from a local sawmill as I am also part owner of a logging company, mainly I just do the hauling for my business partner. Oh by the way I am a huge Star Wars fan as you can probably tell by my theme photo and this is the coolest image of Darth Vader I have ever seen in over 38 years of being a fan of the movies. Yes I did say over 38 years but I won't reveal my true age here so you didn't read that last sentence wrong. By the way the originals are still the best, oh yeah I love to read and my favorite books are the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings as they are better than the movies, still like the movies too, but the books are better though. This is what I hope my truck looks like after I am done rebuilding it. A bad driver in a truck stop broad sided my old truck and I had to find a newer one but it still needs a lot of work to finally get it the way I want it. But my little girl will get it right for me as she is the best at what she does.

This is a $25,000 truck mine is from a salvage sale and I hope mine turns out this nice and mine has a third rear axle called a bogy axle which gives an additional 12,500 LBS for hauling to the overall vehicle weight hauling capacity.
Part of my daily work routine checking the fluids of a log skidder vintage 1967

I am a 2014 graduate of Radford University with a degree in History and a minor in Geo-Spatial Analysis and Geography. I also hope to use my minor in my teaching career because it involves the many interesting aspects of science and history which is called Bio-Geography. Which is a combination of biology and geography in which it shows how the continents became populated with their various animal species and eventually populated with humans over the eons since the current form of the world took its final shape as we know it today. i suffered a severe injury to one of hands and it made reevaluate my career path and I decided to come back to school to pursue my Masters in Education and Curriculum with the ability to earn my teaching license. I hope to use my teaching to encourage my students to develop a life long passion for learning after they have ended the educational careers. Also if I make a difference in just one student's life then all of the hard work to become a teacher was worth it for me. I hope to be that teacher that keeps a child in school and to pursue their dreams as Mr. Cook did for me in the 6th grade. Hopefully I can help more than one child develop that life love of learning and help those at risk students to stay in school and a work hard to become what ever it is they want to become was worth it for me. In five or ten years from now I just hope that I can be able to function at a normal level health wise as I have had several severe injuries in my life. Such as my hand injury, injuries to my back, neck, both knees, and one wrist. As I get older it hurts to get up and get going in the morning so a piece of advise from an old timer (In my 40's) don't go into logging, trucking, or construction. I hope to still be teaching and who knows maybe for my PhD. in Education, who knows I will just have to wait and see as I try not to plan that far into the future. It is bad juju to plan that far ahead as my superstitious mother says.

What really bugs me in life is when a slow driver gets into the passing lane on a multiple lane highway and goes either the speed limit or just below it by five miles an hour or so. Or when someone pulls out in front of me and slows down to a crawl. Let me tell you it is not easy trying to slow down or stop an 80,000 LB vehicle because of somebody being in a hurry or won't speed up or their just plain stupidity of pulling out in front of a big truck. Another thing that drives me nuts is people who text and drive that is more dangerous than anything else on the road. I have about hit several drivers on the road in a car and my truck because of the other drivers are texting and they are swerving into my lane or pulling out in front of me because they are paying more attention to their texting. Because as a professional truck driver if I am caught texting or even talking on a phone while driving a commercial vehicle I can face a fine up to $6,000, one year in jail, and the permanent loss of my CDL's for 3 violations of the laws. One violation costs over a $1000 and six month suspension of my CDL'S and this is all up to the discretion of the judge. But the judge has to go by the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation regulations on punishment for breaking cell phone use while operating a commercial vehicle.

This is one of the original album covers from the 1980's

My family is the most important thing in my life along with many other aspects such as honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Sounds like I am describing a dog or signing up for an online dating service. But no they are things that I learned from my mother and my grandparents because if you don't have these in your life then no body will trust you and they will see you as not being dependable and irresponsible. Also I consider important is my collection of books as it was my brother who got me into reading which has turned into a life long love of reading and that is what I want to give my students in the classroom a love of reading for the fun of it and learning. Oh yeah and something else that I love to do is listen to is the heavy metal music of the 1980's and 90's such as GUNS-N-ROSES Appetite for Destruction, especially Paradise City and Sweet Child Of Mine. They are the best band and the best record from the entire 1980's, yes I did say the eighties those were the good old days. There many things that are important to me but they are too numerous to mention here but this is just a few that I have mentioned. Oh yeah something else let's not forget the Black Album and Justice For All by Metallica and AC/DC's Back in Black album of 1980, these are some of the best records from that time period. As you can tell family, reading, my small business and music are very important to me, but there are many more, but that is enough to mention for now.

A wildcat the mascot for my old high school in Fries.

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