HOCKEY By declan

In hockey you can get injured easy if you are not careful. You could even die if you get injured in the head bad enough. If you are thinking about playing hockey you have to have and know three things,you have to know how to skate, the rules of hockey, and you need to have all the proper equipment. Read on to find out more about how to play hockey the rules of the game and having all the proper equipment.

In hockey there are many different equipment. There is a helmet , gloves , knee pads , hockey socks, hockey pants,chest pads,and elbow need special hockey leggings or shorts you strap the knee pads on the leggings or your legs then you put hockey socks over the knee pads and Velcro the socks on your leggings or shorts. After that you put your hockey pants over your knee pads and hockey socks then you put your skates on your feet . After that you put your chest pads over your chest then put your elbow pads on your elbows put your jersey over your chest pads put your helmet on your head, put your gloves on your hands grab your stick and go play.

in hockey you are aloud to have 5 people on the ice at a time 6 if you include the goalie.there is a center he takes the drop of the puck at the face off circle.The left wing is on the left hash mark in the face off dot.The right wing is on the right hash mark in the face off circle.Then the two deffence man are at the top of the face off circle.last the goalie is in the crese infront of the net.

in hockey there are many rules like offsides if someone with out the puck crosses the blue line before the puck carrier then its offsides.If some one gets a penalty you have to take 1 player off the ice and the team with 4 players on the ice is suppose to ice the puck which is shooting it down the other end of the score a goal you need to get it in the net in your offensive zone.

hockey is a very fun sport it takes a little time to get the hang of it but eventually you will get it.if you give 1 million percent effert and work hard every time you step foot on the ice and shooting pucks and stick handling at home every day then you could get into the profesionals the NHL,NFL,MLB,and MBA if you do all thoose things you have a chance of going to a major league sport or something big might happen in you future with the things you do.

don't trip over that blue line always remember to stay on sides if you go in your offensive zone before the puck carrier does that is off sides and the face off will be in the nutual zone which is the middle zone.


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