AS90967 - Prudence Harimate Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence participation

Welcome to my AS90967 PE 1.1 Blog. On this page I will explain factors that influenced my participation in a variety of physical activity over the year (2017).

Turbo Touch

Date: 22/02/17

Activity: Turbo Touch

What is it? Turbo touch is a touch game where you can pass the ball forward, backwards, and sideways. And you have to pass the ball two times to get a touch down.

Equipment needed: You need a marked out area (field) and a rugby ball.

The factor that influenced my participation today was... was that it was challenging for me for example; It influenced me because the game I involved myself in was my first time playing and the people that were participating were the first time I’ve played any sports with. And we had to verse the year 13s, which was quite scary for me.

Self Assessment: Merit

I have given myself this grade because... i really did try my best in the game and participated in the game even though i felt a little uncomfortable playing with the people in my class. It was all very new but as soon as i got into the game i improved on the way and started to get better in my passing and not letting the ball fall.

Bench Ball

Date: 01/03/2017

Activity: Bench Ball

What is it? There is a bench on both sides of the gym and 1 person from both two teams has to stand on top of it while their team is on the other side trying to pass the ball to the person on the bench. Every time the person on the bench catches a ball on of their team mates come up to the bench and it becomes a lot easier.

Equipment needed: You would need two benches and two balls.

The factor that influenced my participation today was... An example of this factor was... This was because...


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