Mélanie Daoust Owner of Simply Luminous

Mélanie is a 20-year-old second year Fashion Marketing and Management student at Fanshawe College. Originally from Markham, Ontario, Mélanie started her yoga-infused jewellery and accessory business Simply Luminous in June 2016.

Some of Mélanies best-sellers, The Chain of Good Fortune and Green Aventurine pendants
“When I get to do it, it puts me in my own personal happy-bubble. It makes me feel good inside and out.”

She credits her studies at Fanshawe for the inspiration to start Simply Luminous, and the support from her friends, family, and strangers' compliments for the confidence to believe she could be successful.

“It started out because people kept complimenting me on my jewelry, and it was always stuff I made myself since I was too cheap to buy like, $40 costume jewelry. My boyfriend at the time said ‘Why not just start making it for other people?’”

Combining the above with the potential to make money, plus the bonus of it being fun, was all the reason she needed to start.

The Fresh Aqua and New Beginnings bracelets

As of September 2016, Mélanie had invested $1,000 in Simply Luminous and made $1,500. She sells her line of over 20 different pieces at pop-up shops on Fanshawe’s campus, through custom orders sent to her via email, and on her website here. She works at it everyday during the summer months but doesn’t have as much time to commit during school.

It’s both work and play for Mélanie, depending on how the day treats her, but what remains constant is her love for what she does.

“It’s fashion so it doesn’t always go the way you planned, but it’s a mixture of everything that makes me happy.”

Due to the vicious nature of fashion, however, staying luminous is anything but simple and requires a thick skin when competing in a saturated market.

“I’ve been attacked a lot of times for my work, like personally singled out. People have tagged me in posts on their own Instagram accounts, but I’ve learned to block that out. Clearly these people think they’re the only companies out there so they need to wake up.”

Despite that Mélanie keeps blowing her happy-bubble and encourages someone who would want to start a similar business to do the same, with some additional advice.

“You have to really want it to make it something worthwhile. It’s never going to work if you’re just doing it for the money.”
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