About Me by: Levi padilla

Table of Contents

  • Who I was before class started?
  • CIS Results
  • what career interest me?
  • what education is require?
  • what schooling options I like to consider?
  • what companies I like to go?

who was i before class started

  • person who loves anime
  • draws anime online
  • enjoys doing math
  • want to be robotics
  • Enjoys playing chess

CIS Result

Interest Profiler

  • Interest in Investigative
  • Interest in Realistic
  • Interest in Artistic
  • interest in Enterprising


  • high on Artistic on Creative Art
  • high on Mechanical/Fixing on realistic
  • mid-high on Mathematics
  • mid-high on Nature/Outdoors on Realistic
  • mid-high on Science on Investigative

Workplace Importance Locator

  • Achievement is Important
  • Working Condition, love working hard
  • Independence

Career Cluster

  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
  • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

what career interest me

robotics engineers

  • wages- earn 99,753 per year
  • Employment- Medium occupation
  • 10 year Growth- Much Faster than average
  • Annual openings- Moderate

what education is require

  • have high school diploma or equivalent
  • bachelor degree in engineering
  • have a license

what schooling option that i like considers?

  • CWI, engineer, 2 years
  • California Institute of Technology, engineer, 2 years

what companies I like to go?


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