Castles Oliver


Wooden motte and bailey castles were built 1000 years ago. William the conqueror brought 3 ready-made towers the other castles were built quickly to show England who's boss.


The first motte and bailey castles were built of wood then ston becose the wood was easy to burn. The motte is a big lump of earth.The palisade is a big fens.A bailey is a little village.A keep is a lookout tower. Around the bailey and the motte is a mote is a ditch filled with water.


On motte and bailey castles theirs lots of defence to protect the king like the arrow loops.Arrow loops are a window that nights can shoot out and the keep is for a lookout to see if any invaders are coming. And the motte is a big mounting to make it more difficult for investors to clim up. And a mote is water circling the castle to make it hard to cross.

Everyday life

Life behind the castle walls many things went on. Their were many jobs that are available just like the knights and servant and the lord men-at-arms. The steward the mason and the constable.


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