new York founded 1624 Amy conner

Peter Minuit is the founder of New York!!! Peter was in the Dutch colonial governor of New Amsterdam who is mainly remembered for purchasing Manhattan , from the Indians for trade goods.

Peter Minuit is negotiating with the natives!! :)

A protestant church that Peter Minuit went to and he was the leader!!! :)Minuit established himself as a church deacon!!settled in as the colony's third director of the church!!

The geography of the New York colony was mountains in the northeast, lowlands near the Canadian border and an Atlantic coastal plain. The climate was mild with warm summers and average winters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colonists made their living in a variety of ways: fur, lumber trading, shipping, the slave trade, and as merchants and tradesman in the colony's towns. Most colonists were farmers, who cleared large acres of land by hand to grow crops.

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