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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

This is Me


'I think big hearts are what we need to make a difference in the lives of those we are seeking to care for.' - James Shone

As this rather bumper newsletter will show, it has been an immensely busy and successful last two weeks of term, and every boy and girl should be hugely proud of their achievements, whether individual or as part of a group.

Thank you to everyone for their involvement and enthusiasm at our Prizegiving. It was the greatest privilege for us to welcome James Shone, our guest speaker, and as you have heard plenty from me, both in the last two weeks of term and in the weekly newsletters, I would like to share one of James' blogs, which is especially pertinent as we begin what I hope will be the happiest of summer holidays for you all:

'My message to parents, teachers, tutors & pastoral leaders is to ‘let children feel approved‘. I think this is a foundational principle of effective pastoral leadership.

'It’s the summer holidays! As teachers across our land rest at the end of a busy/full-on year – purposeful reflection is now key. It’s our hearts that matter most! How do we feel about the children we are trying to ‘lead out?’ Do we judge them? Have we got them straining for our approval? Or do we CHOOSE to accept them and approve of them for who they are….this is the right way! We don’t want them to become ‘approval junkies.’

'For parents: if our children can’t be themselves at home – that’s clearly not right since security/acceptance is key. We should desire our children to feel secure in who they currently are. For teachers: rest, read and have time concentrating on how you can receive an ‘inflow,’ so you are ready to give out to and ‘approve’ of all those you are looking after in September.'

Do listen to this song from singer/songwriter, Roo Panes. 'Soldier of Hope' was written for James.

Catherine, Arthur and Patrick join me in wishing you all a wonderful summer.

William Goldsmith


PRIZEGIVING CELEBRATIONS | Friday's Junior School Prizegiving celebrations made for a wonderful end to a wonderful year. It was a chance to recognise individual talents and to celebrate all of our pupils across Years 1-7 as they prepare to move up to the next year after what we are sure will be a brilliant summer holiday!

Please do enjoy the full album of prize winners' photographs from the day!


YEAR 7 ASSEMBLY | On Wednesday morning the whole school gathered for the Year 7 Leavers’ Assembly, and as Nadja said so well in the introduction, ‘This is a celebration well…of us really!’ It was a way for the boys and girls to share their thoughts and feelings about moving on from Junior School and a few of their fondest and funniest memories as well.

It was an assembly which took us all, but particularly the parents of this special group of children, on an emotional rollercoaster as we watched and listened to the hopes, dreams and memories of Year 7: confusing Mr Davey in Year 5, the boiled egg at Ridgeway, the gang fighting in Year 5, the Year 7 disco in France...as well as some stylish ensemble clapping from the girls, a poem giving away secrets of the Staff Room, individual comments from each child and finally a moving mash-up of music with a violin solo from Charlotte. We laughed, we cried and we all enjoyed. Well done Year 7!


SANDCASTLE COMPETITION | Wednesday afternoon’s Sandcastle Competition made for an absolutely brilliant day out. The weather was magnificent and the East Sands was awash with beach creations. From an Egyptian sarcophagus made out of sand to a mirror complete with reflection, a theme park, islands and all manner of impressive fortresses, the children crafted their clever designs, with many making use of found items from along the shore to decorate and add detail to their builds.

Congratulations to the sandcastle champions and a huge well done to every single pupil for bringing such a fantastic array of ideas and skills to the beach during the last week of a busy term!


AMAZING ART | This year’s Junior School Art Exhibition was a triumph, thanks to the hard work of all the pupils and of Miss Neave in the St Leonards Art Department.

We were thrilled to be able to open the doors of the Junior School to family and friends on Wednesday night for our ‘Identity’ themed show with paintings, drawing and models from every boy and girl in Years 3-7. We saw portraits of kings and queens, windmill models, Narnia-inspired sketches and plenty of eye-catching prints.

We hope you all enjoyed viewing the finished results as much as we did!


YEAR 2 EDIBLE GARDENS | Year 2 revisited the Edible Gardens at Albany Court on Monday morning. After spending an afternoon there right at the start of term to help with digging, weeding and planting potatoes and parsnips, the children returned in the glorious sunshine to see the fruits of their labours. The class were pleased to report that all the plants were looking healthy!


The following children received certificates at our final Celebration Assemblies of the year:

Eliza for drawing a Picasso self portrait during a task which involved bringing in a picture of a self portrait, researching the background of the artist and the piece of work, and presenting her findings to the class as a poster.

Struan for constructing a details, accurate model of a Roman bath house, and for presenting this to the class, giving his classmates a guided tour of his construction.

Sophie and Eva for giving an entertaining talk to the class about Roman board games, and creating their own 'lucky dip' as a fun and imaginative way of presenting their fact-finding.

Charlotte for producing an informative and attractive poster about the Roman theatre and making male and female masks to illustrate her presentation about drama in Roman times.

Brodie and Erin received certificates for writing terrific fan letters to Cressida Cowell and David Walliams.

Cameron for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

James for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

Ben for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

Ollie for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

Harry for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

Alastair for showing a mature, cooperative, tolerant and respectful attitude towards others.

Archie for working extremely hard using a lathe in his workshop at home to create a mallet.

Having qualified for the US Kids Golf European Championships, consisting of over 650 children from across the world, Verity created a poster with some important reflections from the competition: communication, working together, good sportsmanship, and positive attitude.

Francis for finding a most imaginative way to learn spellings by collecting pebbles from Stonehaven beach, painting each one with a letter, and using them to re-create words.

Holly for looking after a very young visitor, playing on the slide with him, and ensuring he had a biscuit. Holly showed real kindness.

Eleanor and Harris for working very well as a team to design and create a marble game, including independently writing the rules.

Mia for consistently working hard in class.

Hari for showing great commitment towards his lines and remaining focused throughout the rehearsals for the End of Year Assembly.

On Monday, 18 June, Bronze Stars were awarded to Marina, Jennifer, Logan, Ben, Zachary. Silver Stars were awarded to Anna, Sam, Tom, Polly, Isha, Lucca, Brendan, Ewen, Luke, Melissa, Paddy, Finn and Katie.

A certificate for 100 Good Marks was presented to Lucca.

Alastair for creating an impressive information poster and accompanying presentation about his visit to Whitelee Wind Farm, the largest in the UK, as part of his Unit of Inquiry research.

Shelagh and Rachael for researching and presenting a PowerPoint presentation about the concept and reality of marine energy.

Alyssa for showing perseverance in developing and completing the production of a board game relating to the conservation of energy.

Freddie for making a concerted effort with his creative writing, going above and beyond what has been expected of him.

Ramsay was Year 1 Pupil of the Week for showing an enthusiastic attitude towards Sports Day, and for trying his best in all the events.

Alexander was Year 2 Pupil of the Week for showing good sportsmanship at Sports Day, and for demonstrating a mature attitude in his dealings with others during the week.

Kabir was Year 3 Pupil of the Week for outstanding effort in the Daily 10 Mental Maths challenge, and for persevering in improving his presentation, taking constructive advice on board.

Certificates for 100 Good Marks were awarded to: Adam, Annie, Clara, Eleanor, Harris, Holly, Matilda, Monty, Olivia, Rakan, Ramsay, Thomas, Mia, Cara, Meredith, Ishbel, Bella, Paula, James, Rory, Emily, Grace, Angus, Oscar, George, Francis, Kabir, Anna, Harry, Riya, James, Madison, Harry, Alastair, Katie, Ollie, Shelagh, Rachael, Ben, Sanna, Archie, Lucy, Alfie, Lana, Lewis, Roy, Alanya, Shreyas, Freddie, Ting, Kai, XiuRong, Joe, Sal, Rachel, Harry, Ryan, Maya, Charlie, Archie, Ben, Nihal, Euan, Logan, Eliza, Eabha, Emily, Charlie, Jennifer, Jimmy, Zachary, Kyle, Thea, Anna, Lucca, Ewen, Isha, Amol, Molly, Polly, Corinne, Angus, Mark, Nicholas, Esme, Helena, Ingrid, Katie, Nadja, Elisenda, Jack, Eilidh, Sophie, Charlotte, Eva, Henry and William.

On Monday, 25 June Bronze Stars were awarded to Eliza, Nihal, Archie, Evie and Lewis. Silver Stars were awarded to Adam, Amber, Angus, Lewis, Lana, Alfie, Abbie and Rory. Gold Stars were awarded to Annie, Clara, Eleanor, Holly, Matilda, Olivia, Ramsay, Thomas and Lewis.


END OF YEAR CONCERT | The Junior School End of Year Concert on Monday night was a chance for our Year 7 boys and girls to perform for one final time as pupils of St Leonards Junior School before they take their next step up into the Senior School.

A memorable programme started with ‘Best of British’ performed by the St Leonards Junior School Orchestra. The String Club, who have been very much on form this year, wowed with ‘Feel it Still’ by Portugal the Man, which had everyone tapping their toes in time with the catchy beat.

Nadja was our first soloist of the evening, playing Canaries on the piano, then it was Millie’s turn to take centre stage with ‘Riding on a Donkey’ on the clarinet.

The Boys’ Choir performed ‘Anything you can do’, before Elisenda treated the audience to ‘Over the Rainbow’ on the violin. Eva opted for a movie theme with ‘Skyfall’ from the James Bond film, and the Chamber Choir sung Bob Chilcott’s ‘Green Songs’. ‘Hills of Perth’ on the snare drum, played by Hamish, gave the concert a Scottish twist, before Mark took us back to the Continent with ‘La Rotta’ on the violin.

The St Leonards Pipe Band, with junior members joined by their senior counterparts, gave a rousing performance, followed by another solo act, this time on the trumpet, with Edward playing ‘Ja-Da’ by Carelton.

The Girls’ Choir performed two favourites; ‘One Brick at a Time’ and ‘This is Me’ from the film The Greatest Showman, which, it would later transpire, was the theme for Junior School Prizegiving on Friday.

Eva and Sophie then joined forces for ‘Budapest’ by George Ezra, and Charlotte impressed with ‘Pertpetuo Mobile’ on the violin.

It was the Chamber Choir’s turn to round off the evening’s proceedings, with a beautiful rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’. What a wonderful end to a wonderful concert!


CELEBRATION OF DANCE | We were very pleased to welcome Junior School parents to enjoy the JKDA Celebration of Dance last week. This was an opportunity for the children to showcase everything they have learned this term.

After their performances, each dancer received a well-deserved certificate from Lorna Alsop, who teaches dance every lunchtime in St Katharines Hall.


TIME CAPSULES | It was an emotional morning in Year 2 on Wednesday as the children opened up their time capsules. At the start of the year, the children placed into their capsules various mementos from their first day in Year 2 - hand prints, a piece of string showing their height, a photograph, a piece of writing and a letter from their parents. Tears were shed as the children read these letters, full of wishes for the future, pride and love.

What a lovely way to reflect on how much everyone has developed over the course of this year!

The final photograph is of Year 2's Ugly Bug Tea Party. Time to celebrate!


LOWER SCHOOL ASSEMBLY | On Tuesday morning, the Lower School wowed their parents and relatives with their end of year Celebration Assembly. As they recapped their various trips, memories and hopes for the future it was tremendous to see every child showcased, enjoying their moment of glory.

We were reminded to ‘Reach for the Stars’, and it was especially moving to witness the personal journey every child has made this year, their progress, hear about the trips they have been on and the fun that they have had (not to mention the fun that their teachers have had!).

The Lower School Celebration Assembly was a thing of joy and it could be seen in the pride on every child’s face.


UNDER THE STARS | The Summer Term has finally drawn to a close and with it, our Bushcraft Club. To celebrate a term's worth of building fires, shelters, splinters and roasted marshmallows, its members in Years 4-7 decided to spend an evening camping on the school grounds!

Thank you to Mr Barrable for writing this report about what sounds like a brilliant camping adventure!

'On Tuesday afternoon, as most children filed their way to the bus or were collected by their parents, one part of the school grounds were very much alive. The air was filled with the voices of excited children, the hammering of tent pegs and the swoosh of tent fabric being pulled tight - 23 children were setting up camp. For some, it would be their first night away from home! Some too, would eschew a tent and in the true spirit of bushcraft opt to sleep under a tarp.

'Once the hard work was over, the children were free to play on the big field, climb a tree, read a book cosied up in their tent or sit around the fire as dinner was prepared.

'What most impressed me about everyone that attended the camp was the spirit of community. Everyone helped each other, with some of the more experienced campers assisting others that were new to the experience. As night finally drew in, some of us naturally missed home, and there was always a kind word and a supportive friend to be found.

'Camping so near to the Summer Solstice has its draw backs in that first light is uncomfortably early. We were up with the wakening gulls long before planned! Camp was struck, a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and beans consumed, showers and off to a full day of school. Happy, tired and proud!'


Please find below details of Summer Events for children and families at Cambo Estate, which may be of interest during the holidays.

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