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This is a picture of Belgrade, Serbia and the main things that evolve around it. It is surrounded by business buildings, and apartment homes.
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The Serbian culture can be recognized as formal and respectful. To greet people three kisses on the cheek are expected. Foods in the Serbian culture are cabbage rolls, cevapi, croissant, wine and moonshine. The geography for Serbia is mountainous, open land and many ski resorts. Different types of arts in Serbia are dance, folk, and religious artwork. Religions of the Serbian culture are, Orthodox and Christianity.
Imports of Serbia are,Vehicle Parts ($870M), Crude Petroleum ($709M), Petroleum Gas ($570M), Cars($567M) and Packaged Medicaments ($538M). Reforms include the elimination of import quotas, the reduction of import licensing and prohibitions, the streamlining of customs procedures, and the reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Exports of Serbia are,motor vehicle, base metals, furniture, food processing, machinery, chemicals, sugar, tires, clothes, pharmaceuticals, frozen fruit.
Serbia's capital, Belgrade is home to the Temple of Saint Sava (shown above) which draws the largest crowd in the city. The second largest city in Serbia is Novi Sad and the third largest is Niš. Length of road network (40,485 km) Length of railway network (3,809 km) Length of navigable routes (959 km) Number of river ports 11, Number of international Airports 2
Serbia's Economics: In 2007 and 2008, the U.S had a trade surplus with Serbia. It had a balance of 135.7 in 2008 and 51.3 in 2007. Serbia's largest export to the world are cars.

This country’s population is 7.146 Million. The primary language spoken in this country Serbian. English is spoken here in the major cities. The major occupations of the people is relativly the same as the US, lots of engineers, businessmen and women, and teachers. The unemployment rate about 13.0 percent.

Their beliefs and ideals are the same as the Christian Orthodox, beliefs in one God. Gender roles are mostly Patriarchal homes. They do not expect gifts before a business meeting. Customs are based off of Rituals and ceremonies from old christian beliefs.

One of the multinational corporation that is very popular in Serbia and countries worldwide is BMI. BMI believes in providing you with instant access to the latest data that is happening in Africa, America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. The service they provide is unlimited access to search, copy, print, export, or save data selections of multinational companies in Serbia and their key contacts.


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