My Journey So Far... Adrian Sandoval per. 1

For my sandwich i chose to make it look exactly how I like it, plain and simple. Instead of putting my sandwich on another image I just kept it simple.
The reason i chose to replace the baseball with the crab is simply because I love Baseball, its my favorite sport and have been playing it since I was 4 years old. I picked David Ortiz in honor of his last year playing in the majors, he has an amazing career.
My haunted house was nothing special but i chose to make the background that way in order to give off a scary look. I made as much fog as I could without ruining the image so it can have a gloomy mysterious look to it.
This Gurr was just like the rest of them because we used a template but this was the first cartoon we did and it made it really fun. This was when i started to really like tracing characters.
I picked to do Hello Kitty because I thought it would be funny to. It gave both me and my seat partners a little laugh after i finished and i think it came out pretty good.
I chose to do the monkey instead of the dog or cat because I would rather have a monkey as a pet than a dog. I also made the monkey look like if I were to look at it from far away because I don't have the best vision from lang distances.
Mr Fuzzington was also one of my favorites to do because it was one that I used to reflect about myself. I'm a Dodger fan as is Mr. Fuzzington and I hate the Giants so I put it so he is peeing on the Giant's hat.
The Kelloggs was the first tracing I did without the help and I picked these colors because purple is one of my favorite colors, and I wanted it to look and feel like a party. The confetti on the outside represents the party that should be going on in everybody's life
I chose to o a shark because honestly I thought it would look really cool. I liked how I made it look like a painting on a conveys and it was pretty simple.
The reason I chose to do the cover is to add a little difficulty to this project and I believe I handled it pretty well. There are curtain parts that could be better but I really like the colors I picked out. I wanted it to look as realistic as possible.


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