My garden design By erin claRk

Here are some of the features I will be using to design my garden.

This is my mind map, it has ideas about what I want my garden to have in it.

Here are some diagrams of what will be in my garden.

I have included adding in things like reasturants, cafes, wind machines/fans to create a cool breeze and sound machines.

I will have flowers with strong scents but sometimes it won't be enough so I will have scents which can be blown out by the fans to give off a stronger scent.

In the vegetable patches, people will be able to grow their own veggies and put their name by it so it will motivate them to come back and see how they are doing. When they are fully grown they will be taken to the reasturant to be cooked.

When it's a nice day people might want to relax a bit so there will be bentches and grass where they can sit and relax looking at the flowers.

The sculptures will have many different testers and people will be allowed to feel them.

This is my reaserch plan. It includes information on what I am going to reasearch to help me design my garden.

Here is a link to my video of me comparing different pictures of gardens to my garden design: https://YouTube

I made a survey asking questions about my garden. Here are the responses.

This is my research review. It talks about what reaserch I have done, what I learnt and how I could have improved it.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3


This is my production plan and log 1

These are my testing methods

This is my specification check

This is my summary

This is my summary

Thank you for reading!


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