Leo the Wizardly Lizard Bravery comes in all siZes

The Characters


Leo is given the wand
The lizard was wizardly because of what lied within his brave heart.

ChucK the chameLeon

A concept illustration for Chuck.
Chuck...was full of discovery.

OZ the owl

The mysterious Oz
Without another word, Oz jetted.

Cyrus the cat

Cyrus imprisioned by his owners
The human owners, lavished the prissy white kitty. He was groomed to be a show cat.

Mr.& Mrs. Lizard

Strength in numbers
A zillion loving words his parents spoke is what prevented him from becoming zero.

The Style

Leo the Wizardly Lizard is written in an alphabetical alliteration structure.

Quarter, squashed, quivering, quite, quenched...

Each page is filled with fun and colorful vocabulary.

The Heart of the Story

  • Bravery is shown when things don't go right.
  • Leo was a leader. That's why Oz gave the wand to Leo. Leo will become the next Elder of the Wand ( more detail will be reveleaded in the 2nd book.)
  • Real magic is found within ourselves. In Leo's case, in his ability to run and the lessons he learned from his parents.
  • Listening to parents will add years to our lives.
  • We have to sacrifice a piece of ourselves sometimes to see what we are made of.

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