The Journey

Chapter one - Leaving home

In the early morning, the birds are tweeting. They are singing to each other saying hello and good morning. As the sun comes up, more birds are waking up and calling to each other. Inside the house, I stir in my bed bed, annoyed that the birds have woken me up. All I wanted was a sleep in, but the ongoing tweets and the sounds of wings flapping like a helicopter meant that it was time to get out of bed.

I stepped into the shower and the soft drops of water massaged my head as I shampooed my hair. The foam in my hands was a huge fluffy cloud which bubbled away as I cleaned myself. I stepped out of the shower and the coldness of the tiles sent shivers through my spine. I quickly grabbed my towel, dried myself and went out to the kitchen. I was as hungry as a Labrador ready to pounce on my breakfast.

After breakfast I made my down to the train station. I needed to cross the road, but with the constant rumble of traffic along the busy road, I couldn’t do it. There’s a break in the traffic, oooo no there’s not! The sports car revs his engine and speeds up. The traffic builds up again and the grinding tyres was working on the road like a thunderstorm. I see my friends, Zeb and Lilian, on the other side of the road and he called out and told me to hurry up. The traffic frees up and I quickly sprinted across the road and finally made it to the station.

We ran the rest of the way to the station as we were running late. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it through my shirt. I burst through the barrier and onto the platform and Zeb and I snuck onto the train, just before the doors shut. I looked behind me and saw Lilian stranded on the platform as the train took off. There was no way I could get off because now the train was running express to Adelaide. I slumped down on the nearest chair, despondent. I hung my head and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Zeb bumped me on my shoulder and I woke up with a massive fright. I looked out the window as we were passing through a strange landscape. “Where are we?” I asked

“Ha Ha. Adelaide silly!”

Chapter two - Just a another day in WA

As I see the boiling hot red sand on my feet and the sky as blue as a blue tongue lizard’s tongue. I look around me and Zeb had organised us to go bush tucker hunting with the native ladies. They said that we were looking for lungi [witchetty grubs] and honey ants the lungi like tasted like eggs. “Who wants bacon and lungi?” I joked. The ants had pure honey in their butts who wants tea and ants. After that, Zeb and I went home but when we got there, we had a big surprise waiting there for us. There was a big FAT kangaroo on the roof. It was orange but looked red from all the red dirt it had on it! It took an hour to get it out and off the roof. First we tried to trick it off the roof, then when that did not work we used the dodgey car then we just called the authorities.

“Hey Zeb” I said “it has been fun here but…”

“Wait, there’s a ‘but’ now”

“Well yes. Zeb I was going to say, should we go to Coober Peady? We were intending to go there first, remember”

“What now? Oh all right.”

So Zeb and I went to buy a four wheel drive and for headed for port Augusta and planned to make camp there.

In the morning we packed up camp and headed straight for the Stewart Highway on the way to Coober Peady. As we were passing Toorooka we stopped to have lunch. We put our sandwiches down and went to get the drinks but before we could get back, two big camels ran up behind us and ate all the food including the tuna sandwiches.

“I guess well just have to wait till we get to Coober Pedy Luna” said Zeb

So we continued the ride to Coober Pedy and over 10 hours later, we made it. As we were taking a photo at the front of a sign, I almost fell in to a hole with an active digger in it. We wanted to find camp for the night so we did but that I was so tired that I wandered around and found myself in a big library with very old bricks and a few smashed windows. I turned around to ask Zeb how long the library had been here, but he was nowhere to be seen and the car and swags were gone too. It was getting late so I went to find a motel and slept there for the night.

Chapter three - In a book

The sunrise was shining down, hot on my face. I slowly opened my eyes. The sunlight blurred down on my face out of the window. I felt warm, I decided to go down to the library.

I slowly trudged off along the road. The road was dirty and rough. I scratched my feet on the rocks lying around like little beetles. When I got to the library I scanned the shelves for a book when something caught my eye.

It was a big dusty, leather diary. I pulled it down and opened it. I was immediately sucked into the book. Inside it was a warm midsummers night. A bright firelight could be faintly seen in the distance.

As I walked along the rough road. I came in to the clearing of the soft trees, I could just make out a dark shadow along the edge of a small, greeny coloured dam.

I walked up to the man and asked him “My name is Luna, What’s yours?’’. The man slowly turned around. His eyes were as pale as a polar bears coat. And his mouth was as dry as a dried out worm. “Who are you?” replied a cold dry voice. I suddenly felt a cold rush of air come over me. I ran for my life. I was so scared. I wasn’t looking where I was going and I ran into… a wall!

I got up and fell on to a rock. I examined my head. There was no serious damaged. I stood up. I could smell the dew on the grass. The sun was slowly rising. In the distance there was a wreckage of a castle. I suddenly had the urge to go and investigate the castle. I started striding towards the castle. Then I started at a run. I had reached the castle in no time at all. I looked around carelessly. There was nothing but broken bits of wall and metal.

In front of me was a stone arch way. It felt cold, hard and rough. I walked through the arch. A cold rush of air came over me. I was in a damp, dark dungeon.

I heard a quiet howl up above. A hole opened up in the roof. A red stone fell out. I picked it up, but quickly dropped it. It was boiling hot. Another hole opened up. A white stone fell out this time. I had a feeling that one of the stones would get me home. I wanted to use the white stone, but what if it wanted to I would have to use the red stone. I threw the stone at the wall and it smashed into millions of pieces. A purple light shot out. I got sucked in to the light.

I landed on the soft mossy grass. Above me was an abandoned asylum.

Chapter four - The Abandoned Asylum

Chapter five - The Ocean

I get my money out of my pocket, only $1.50. I take off my towel, freezing in my cold wet swim suit. I pull up my wet suit that I left here last summer along with a surf board. I zip up my wet suit then sit on the rocks looking at the cold, red… wait red? That’s not the colour of the waves. I stand up on the rock and look at the waves, I see a small person. I start paddling out looking for the person. I see the person, I pull their arm but no one came out. I see a girl with long brown hair. I paddle out to her. I grab her with my cold, wet and bloody hands. Her pale hand felt like dry skin as I pull her up. I cut the circulation off to her arm then swim back to the rocks, dragging her with me.

I get some sea weed and put it on her arm, then I grab my top and tie it around her arm. I swam back through the pool of blood on my now stained red surf board. I put my hand up in the air but the life guards are not there yet. I swam back to the rocks where the girl lay. The top that I put on her had slipped off, and she started panting loudly. I put her on my surf board once again. Paddling as fast as I can, I get to the beach. I see a tall man in orange swim suit. He runs over and takes the girl pulse. She had no pulse so he gives the girl C.P.R, and after 10 minutes, she started breathing again.

Chapter six - At Bondi Beach

I felt proud of myself for saving a person, and happy that I wasn’t killed by the shark. I got my towel out and sat down on it for a while. I got bored watching seagulls squawking, kids making sand castles and people swimming so I started to sprinkle warm sand on my bare feet.

Suddenly I heard a noise, then I could smell the most amazing smell, I could smell sausages!!!!!! And then remembered the $1.50 in my wetsuit. I sprinted to the stand so I could get first in line. I rummaged around in my wet suit and found my $1.50. “One sausage bread please!!” I squealed in excitement. I needed food because I was so hungry “Thankyou.” I said as I reached out for my sausage in bread.

”Money please.” man asked. I gave him the money dying to eat my food.

“Sorry,” the man mumbled “you don’t have enough money, you have $1.50 but if you didn’t realise the sign above head. “ I looked above my head and it said ‘One sausage in bread for $2.00’. It also said ‘Fresh homemade lemonade for $2.50’. It makes my mouth water. It was such a hot day and because it was $2.50 it must be so good! I gave back my sausage in bread.

Suddenly $3.00 fell into my hands! I looked up a seagull flew above my head! Then the seagull winked at me! I rubbed my eyes as hard as I could but when I opened my eyes, once again it winked at me, I pinched myself it definitely wasn’t a dream. “Um, you’re holding up the line.” The man said.

“Oh, sorry,” I said” I’ll have one sausage in bread please. “And I’ll also have one of those delicious fresh homemade lemonades please! The guy handed back my sausage in bread and some lemonade. I walked back to my towel and took a bite out of my sausage and a sip of my lemonade and decided to go for a walk on the sand.

After walking a few paces I saw a sudden movement in the sand. I bent on my knees and started burying in the sand. And then I felt a pinch “OW!!” I shouted I think it was a crab. I thought I’ll go for a swim to heal my cut but I wiped off the blood first. After swimming for a while I felt like I was getting sucked into the water, then helicopters were circling above me and the life savers yelled “everybody out of the water! There are great white sharks coming to Bondi Beach!” I was panicking and then remembered that class in high school we were learning about life saving for some weird reason. So I put my hand up and the helicopters saved me and took me somewhere, and I ended up in front of what looked like hut.

Chapter seven - The laboratory

In front of me I saw a small hut. There was a gaping hole in the roof and smashed windows on the walls. Shattered glass and cracked logs lay around the hut. I heard nothing but the wind and a horrible chill went down my spine. I entered through what I thought was the door frame. In the centre of the room, a beam of light shone down from where the hole in the roof was. On the other side of the room there was a pedestal with a green book on it. As I walked to the book I felt the floor fall beneath my feet. I had activated a trap door.

I felt wet. I found myself in a puddle in a dark corridor. I am laying down looking at the roof in which I see a trap door slowly closing above me. It closed. Now that the light from trap door was out of my eyes I could see clearly although it was dark. The hallway was made of dark blue bricks as dark as the night sky. It was silent except for the occasional drip of water. A red light shone from down one end of the corridor the other end was too misty to see. I got up and I walked towards the red light. My foot steps are loud and wet. I hear their echo loud and clear behind me.

As I approached the red light I could see that the light was coming from a NEON sign that read: PERSONNEL ONLY I slightly open the door and I peer inside. I can see a big bulky machine that looks like a ray gun on wheels. It’s pointing at a desk with a book on it. Inside the book there were sketches, schematics and blueprints for various machines. I see no-one in the room so I entered.

“SLAM” the door shuts behind me and it makes me jump. I am looking through the book of sketches, schematics and blueprints when I finally notice a switch on the wall. I thought it was a light switch and it was extremely dark so flicked it. I waited but no lights turned on. Then the ray gun on wheels starts revving as if it was a car turning on its engine. Suddenly a ray of blue light flies at me from the point of the machine. It hits me and I start shrinking. It finally stops shrinking me when I was the size of an ant on a desk.

I look around, confused. Click! Click! The door opens and a man comes through, he moved slowly. He wore lab coat and he looked sleepy. BANG! He sat on the seat in front of the desk and literally made me jump I was standing on the book when he turns the pages I am literally being crushed by the pages of the book. I crawled out of the book and jumped off the desk I was expecting a long painful fall but I fell slowly and peaceful, until I landed. Although I fell slower the land was just as painful. I ran towards the door and slid under a crack. The dark corridor was scary enough but now at this size it was 10 times scarier and chill went down my spine. I was cold.


I hear a squeak then I see a mouse. I run back the way I came the mouse looked giant to me and very petrifying but it was slow and I outran it. I didn’t understand why everything else was moving slow. As I walk without thinking I suddenly step on a piece of paper. It was a map of the laboratory. Beside it was a blueprint of the shrinking machine and its effects. They were:

• You will think and move x20 faster but to the user it will appear that everything else will move x20 slower

• You need to eat more often

• You will weigh less

• Wind will blow you away

I memorised the map and made my way to a secondary exit. I climbed a pole which was actually a side of a ladder and slipped through a trap door. I found myself on the streets.

Chapter eight - The Sparrow's nest

I am still shrunk walking along the highway everything big and scary, much louder than usual because I’m the size of an ant. I wandered for a long time and I was starting to crazily hungry, so I lay down for a bit. After a while I drifted off to sleep………………………………………… CHERP! A GIANT SPARROW WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME!!!! “Wait now I remember, I’m miniature” The sparrow picked me up and flew off! I was terrified at first but as the sun went down the pinkie red glow of the sun set caught my eye, I climbed up onto the sparrows back and fell asleep.

The next day the sparrow and I were still flying but now above the fluffy clouds. The sky clear blue and clouds the colour of freshly made paper. As I lay on the sparrows back I thought to myself “what could be more beautiful than this?” Then suddenly the sparrow swooped down like a fighter jet coming down for landing!

When the sparrow finally landed we were in a tree so high it nearly touched the sky. In one of the branches a nest sat in which I was sitting. In that nest there were three birds, a cute little baby bird about the size of me. I named her Taylor. There was also a mummy and a daddy bird, so I called them mummy and daddy.

Later on I heard the soft rumbling of the cars and the soft ruffling of the trees on the gentle wind. All that soft gentle calming music was tempting me to go to sleep. So I decided to a sleep.

The next day the nest was a buzz because daddy bird was coming back with three big juicy squirmy pink worms for breakfast. Well juicy for the birds but putrid for me. After breakfast (for the birds), I said goodbye because I thought it was time for me to leave, so mummy bird flew me down and I went on my way.

After a while the shrink ray started to wear off. I got bigger and bigger till I was the right size. Then there were some big gates which I decided to sneak through.

When I got through the gates onto the other side I was in London! I didn’t know what to do so I wandered to a bus stop and hoped onto a big double decker red bus………………………………….

Chapter nine - London

Finally here at London back and big. So where am I going stay? A hotel… a wild camping area… Yeah a camping area in London. Now what for food? I know a fancy restaurant.’’ Tomorrow get supermarket food. Now I’m at a fancy restaurant eating dry eggs Benedict. It’s weird, it is bitter and sweet. It’s the author of the chapter hmm…

The next day I ate slimy yellow eggs for breakfast. I wanted something fun so I went to the funniest sea aquarium in town. It inspired me to go to a lake. After the aquarium I walked outside and yelled ‘WHAT’ London Bridge just came out of a blue vortex. As blue as the sea.

Later the squishy vortex closed, I waddled to my tent and ate lunch which by now as soggy as a baby’s bum. Trying to forget about that all happening. Then all a sudden a pink portal came out of nowhere and sucked me in flew in a space like place. It felt great, but weird and it had lots of memories even a bunch of flower smelling flying rainbow space llamas. So I jumped on a llama that was as cute as a cat and flew into a red portal that teleported me. When I thought it just started, it ended. I landed beside a lake and I had a bag with bathers and a towel with me.

Chapter ten - Underwater

I put on my bathers, run to the cool lake and jumped in it. I looked around the long narrow lake then I decided to dive in the deep water to swim with the fish. So I put on my googles and took a deep breath so l can be underwater for a long time, then l dived in.

First l was very scared to open my eyes but then I feel something tickling my feet. Slowly l open eyes and saw wiggling fish swimming around. They are swimming around looking for food, they tasting everything they saw with their small pink tongues then I feel l need to take another deep breath so l swim out of the cool water and take another deep breath and swim back in to the water, but then when I got back in the water the little fish was nowhere to be seen. I looked around the deep narrow lake but there were no fish or other sea creatures around, but then I heard the blue water whooshing around behind me, l turn around a saw a lot sharp teeth and a GIANT mouth I was so scared and l swam so quickly it was a blur. I quickly jumped out of the lake and quickly got in to my truck for safety.

l got changed and drove off up the road. The road was empty so l accelerated quickly down the empty street and before long l saw lots of animals and a little house l came closer and realised that it was a farm. l saw a girl with brown hair was wearing a dress, she is feeding the animals, collecting big round eggs and milking the cows.

Chapter eleven - The farm

So after I left the lake I was soaked. I decided to dry off on a farm nearby. I lay down in the nearest sun spot I could find. I almost fell asleep but I felt a hard licking on my face. I got up to see what it was and it was a rainbow llama that poops out rainbows! I found a saddle and put it on the llama. I hopped on and the llama`s coat was fluffy and it was comfier to sit on than a car seat. All of a sudden the llama started flying! To get a boost it farts out rainbows! The Llama landed and I got off. I had the best day of my life! And at least I dried off.

The farm smelt like daffodils the air felt like soft touches on my skin. I fell into a pile of clovers and fell asleep. I got up and started picking apples and getting honey by a stick out of a bee hive. I splattered all the honey on the apple and made myself a snack because I was so hungry. I sat down and made myself a daisy chain. It fell off my head and the llama stepped on it. “I think it`s time for a ride.” I said to the llama.

Chapter twelve - The skate park

So then I was coming down flying on a llama and saw a cool skate park with lots of graffiti on it. Firstly I saw a scooter, BMX and a skateboard. The scooter had nice colours and cool patterns. The BMX had peace signs and skulls plus it said ULTRA BMX on it and next the skateboard had a chrome deck.

So I choose the BMX because I couldn’t be bothered to stand up on the scooter or skateboard so I saw a massive ramp that was the size so a 5 story building so I decided to go on the massive ramp but then I thought, “how am I going to get up there?” then I saw a wonky ladder and decided to use the wonky ladder to help me get up to the massive.

So I climbed up the wonky ladder and finally got up to the top of the massive ramp and I was so excited that I decided to just go down the massive ramp and I did. I was going down at 380KM/H and I just had to scream because I was so excited so I screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” then as soon as I went up the sun went in my eyes shouted, ”AAGHH!” then I couldn’t correct my landing and after a few seconds I fell into a tree and down to the grass.

When I opened my eyes I realised that I wasn’t blind which was a really good thing and I wasn’t blind which was even better. Finally I learnt my lesson. Never go on a massive ramp that is the size of a 5 story building.

Then I started listening electrodynamix which is a song and while I was walking I got lost in a forest and I saw a big smelly shoe and it looked investing so I started to investigate.

Chapter thirteen - The Big Smelly Shoe

It stinks. I’m inside a big smelly shoe. My nose is completely blocked. The inside of the shoe is all scraped and it is pitch black inside. The bottom is really rough and hard. As I walk further in to the shoe it gets darker and darker. Suddenly I feel the shoe lift up. Something big was inside the shoe something twice as bad as the shoe. Soon after I realised it was a foot with no sock on. It tasted like plain dough. I licked it and I got some material from a sock that seemed like it was from a million years ago. The foot was hairy and skin was peeling off.

I was still going higher and higher. And then with a crash, I landed on the ground and kept going. Finally I came to a stop. But then it moving again. I started feeling really dizzy and faint. I was being squished into the walls of the big smelly shoe. I climbed up the shoe to get some fresh air but I slipped down about 2 seconds later. I could not stand it any longer I had to climb up the scraped and ragged walls.

When I got out of the old shoe I heard the some high pitch meows of cats. Then I realised I was in a cattery in japan the cats were adorable I just wanted to pick one up and hug it.

What a full on day!

Chapter fourteen - The Japanese Cattery

I’ve been woken by my alarm. Though it actually isn’t an alarm. It’s cats. I’m in Japan, on this big journey. The wind smells of cat litter, I can hear funny cat videos being played over and over again, and there are three cats climbing on my leggings. The three cats seem to have Harry Potter names. There’s Winky, Dobby and Ginny.




They smell like my shampoo. And that’s because it is. Cheeky kitties. I should give them a bath.

The next thing I know, a million cats gather around me and start meowing like an opera because there is a Moving Cat Opera (MCO). Weird but great! Today is a hot day, all the cats are lying down like rugs; even in between my legs so now I can’t move at all. I’m trying to get them out of the way to have brekkie.

10 minutes later…

I finally get help from the Kitty Patrol (aka cats in vests on a mini helicopter that floats 1 metre of the ground) who take me to Fishy Cat. The whole place smells of fish. It stinks. But the cats seem to like it. I walk over to the counter and order a Fish Burger and a Fishy Cat Favourites. When I order, I get one of those ringing things that tell you when to get the order and it starts ringing straight away. Next to me there are kittens standing on a table holding my food. And one is Winky! She appears to be a kitten, like the others. The burger’s raw, but the drink taste great! That’s because they renamed Fanta into Fishy Cat Favourites.

Now I’m out of the restaurant, I am beginning to end this part of my journey. I say a big goodbye, which makes the MCO come and meow a sad song. I wave as I climb up a ladder that leads up a building. When I got to the top of the building I found a tightrope running across from this building to another one on the other side of the road.

Chapter fifteen - On a tightrope

I hear the sound of the cars horning to say “Hello” to each other, and to tell things to each other as well, underneath me. I see all of the buildings around me, like the Midland Square, Saint Luke’s tower the Act tower and the Erika tower. I feel the burning of the tightrope under my feet, and really worried that I might fall off it. I see the cats from the cattery walking around, and hear their meowing. The look of the platform looked terrifying, thinking that I might fall off of it. I hear something buzzing around me, I see a gigantic bee with weird tips on the end. I try to get away from the bee, but I accidentally slip and fall. Luckily, just my feet fell off and my hands were still holding on, but I didn’t know how to get up. My hands were starting to slip as well. It is good that the tightrope was attached to the Erika tower so I could put my feet there and climb up on to the rope. When I got up again, I could smell something baking. I follow my nose, while I am walking I think to myself, “I am really happy that I didn’t fall off the tightrope, when the bee came .”

I arrive at the home where the smell is coming from. I gaze at the house in delight. I walk closer towards the house. I see someone inside of the window. I see someone with rich black hair, dark brown eyes and on the door, it has a sign. It has somebody’s name on it. It says Jackie Chan. I realise that I am in front of his house.

Chapter sixteen - Jackie Chan's House

I slowly walked up to the door and knocked. No answer. I knocked again still no reply. I saw that a stained glass window was open. A delicious smell of sushi noodles floated out of the window. The smell drifted into my nostrils picked me up and carried me through the window. I floated into the house. The smell dropped me. I landed hard on the floor with a THUD! The pain was unbearable! I tried not to scream because it would alert the owner that I was here. landed smack on my elbow. It killed! I got up and brushed myself off. I saw someone in the kitchen but I couldn’t get a clear picture of who it was because there was a big pot plant with bamboo in it in the way. I saw lots and lots of Chinese decorations. I am starting to think the person who lives here is Chinese. The man in the kitchen turned around to get a saucepan and I got a clear image of who it was. JACKIE CHAN?? If he saw me he’d think I am an intruder and karate me. I’d be dead meat. I’ve gotta get out of here, but how?

I wander around for a bit. I saw a big wooden stair case leading up stairs. I slowly walked up the creeky stairs when my bladder pressure increased dramatically. I was busting!! I needed to go now. I saw a toilet down stairs, but Jackie would see me if I went down there again. I thought to my self “Would I rather pee my pants, or get beat up. You can probably guess what I choose. I slowly tiptoed down the stairs and past the kitchen. There it was, the toilet. I slowly and carefully opened the door and tried to close it by making the least sound possible. It was the nicest bathroom I have ever smelt. The room smelt of flower perfume. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. At first the toilet seat was cold but then it warmed up. Pure relief. After a while I got of the toilet and flushed. Oh uh…. Bad mistake. Really bad mistake. I hear foot steps coming up the stairs. I need to get out! I look around for an escape, no escape, no were to go. The door creaked open Jackie walked in. I woke up with a start, I was in my bed safe and sound.

The whole dream it seamed so real? I looked over at my alarm clock, It read 8:59. I’m late for school!

Chapter seventeen - At school

I’m in the principal’s office again.

By the way it really stinks, the reason is I have blown up the school and tripped over my teacher and now I’m going in a heap of zombies just to get to the library, Then I see a zombie coming at me and try to punch me. But I grabbed its first without knowing it is sick. Then I went to the school hospital, The people patched me up and fixed me

So after that, I busted into the room to get to the library, But the zombies are still there so I ran straight into them while knocking all of them over, but the floor is braking and I see lava under it so I jumped to this random rope and swung over to the other side and saw the library. So I ran to it but the floor broke and I fell down, so I looked over to the right and saw a hook that fell from the roof. I grabbed the hook and the rope, then I put the hook onto the rope and hooked it around the door handle to get to the library, so I swung around and smashed into the door it did not hurt but I notice that I’m in the library.

Chapter eighteen - The Library

After school I went to the library I was so tired I could not breathe it was so sunny that I went outside to get a cool drink. I walked down the street I saw a milk bar so I went in and brought a can of coke. I started drinking down the street, it was so cool that I wanted to buy 1 more drink but I did not have enough money. I went back to the library. I just wanted to find a book and relax. I went to the junior fiction and found a book and started reading it and I with a big… SPIDER! I YELLED OMG! It bit my finger and my finger was full of pus that it was dripping down my hand, it was so disgusting [it was so slimy] .

My tummy felt like was going to explode, and a minute later, I vomited so hard on the teacher next to me, it was like my tummy had actually exploded.

She was covered in vomit,she had carrot, celery and much more on her. A friend of mine came to the library to find a book. She was looking and found Miss Megan coved in vomit and me with a big red spot with drooling pus coming down my finger and ran straight to us and said “Are you all “Yes, but I need to get out of here right away, take me to the non-fiction area please I need to find a book”

“I will take you there now as soon as possible, which is now”. She took me to the non-fiction area and I was looking for a book about Ancient Rome because I really wanted to go there. I was flicking through the pages and I found a picture of Ancient Rome. In my brain I was thinking………I really want to go there, but how? Do I teleport there or do I take a car or what. But when I was thinking I did not realise I was already there on the floor.

I got up and I saw my friend Lola and I yelled out ‘Lola, Lola it’s your friend Luna from school’

‘Hi Luna, since when are you in Ancient Rome we always contact each other about things’

‘Can I show you around'

‘that will be really cool’

First she showed me the shops, they were outside and had a lot of olden day clothes and hats and scarves and different kinds of shoes .I brought 7 pieces of clothing, 2 hats, 4 scarves and 9 pairs of shoes. I had 4 bags full of my was so heavy I nearly dropped it down a hole, it was so scare OMG.

We walked around the corner and there was the Colosseum.

Chapter nineteen - Ancient Rome

I’m outside a large, circular, creamy coloured building (the Colosseum). I can hear people talking loudly inside the building. There is also a loud roaring sound coming from somewhere within the building. I slowly crept toward the building being careful to not make an unexpected loud noise. I peered in through the slightly ajar door, there were 3 giant lions stalking around a large stone arena. In the middle there were several people standing squished together in the middle looking scared and helpless.

I crept into the building I crept up to a spare hard wooden seat near the top of the building. I could see everything from up there. But I saw something out the corner of my eye which particularly worried me. A slim, tall, brown haired girl was making her way to the arena which was a short way below her. Next to the girls empty seat a woman was crying her eyes out screaming something in Italian. I stood up carefully and yelled at the top of my voice “She’s going to be eaten by a lion!” Everything went silent and people from all around the colosseum were staring at me, but the girl kept Running down to the lions. The only thing that broke the only thing that broke the silence was the woman sobbing loudly and the girl whipping a large brown whip. So I ran down to the arena to save the girl myself. But one of the big fat lions was already after her. The girl was screaming at the top of her lungs, people all around her were staring in horror, some people were screaming others were covering children’s eyes with their hands. She whipped the lion it gave a loud screeching roar. I ran through long rows of screaming and starring people. I grabbed her arm and dragged her behind me I was running fast. The lion was pounding after us, we raced out of the door and I pushed the door as hard as I could. Now you could hear cheering and applause from the building. But the lions weren’t happy they were roaring louder than ever.

“Hello” I gasped I was tired and out of breath.

“Ciao” she replied

“Are you ok”

“Yes” The girl looked like she was tired and about to faint.

“What were you trying to do back there?”

“I am a lion tamer; I was trying to tame that lion”


“Come with me and we can find a café to have a rest in” So off we went down long windy streets which little shops, restaurants and cafés were scattered around the streets. The smell of creamy fresh pasta and pizza were coming from the large windows. People all around us were sitting at tables outside the shops having a lovely chat drinking large lattes and cappuccinos

“Um, sorry to be rude but where are we going “

“You’ll see”

“Oh and also what’s your name “

“I’m Maria and you are…?”

“Oh, I’m Luna”

“Ok” We kept walking. Eventually we got to what looked like the main street. The streets were crowded with many people wearing all different clothes. Some people were wearing dark coloured robes and large hats with feathers poking out the top. Other people were wearing baggy velvet pants and tops. We walked to a small café on the corner of the street. The café was baby blue and as we walked through the café the floorboards creaked, the café was filed with people talking quietly. At the bar at the front of the café bottles of beer and mugs of hot chocolate spilling the hot or cold liquid on to the counter every time someone slammed there fist down on to it.There was a small table with 2 seats in the corner. We sat down. It was dark and eerie inside the café

“I’m just going to order some tea and cake. Would you like to come?” asked Maria

“UM, no thanks I am just going to get some fresh air outside” I replied. So I started to walk towards the door but instead of going out the front door, I opened a door to a room in the corner of the café.

I opened the door; the room was dark and creepy. There was a large shield of deep blue water in the middle of the room. I stepped through it, it was icy cold. For a minute nothing happened but then suddenly everything around me started to blur and I swirled around in circles for a few minutes. Then “BANG!” I fell hard on the ground my body ached. I had ended up in a classroom. What? Could I really be in a classroom?

Chapter twenty - Inside a pencilcase

In a pencil case

I saw a science project on the table . there was a really cool machine sitting next to a container. I decided to put my hand into it . except it shrunk me down into the size of a penny! I actually thought it would be fun to be small but I also wouldn’t like to be small for ever, so I put another shrinking machine inside a larger one and shrunk it down to so when I wanted to change back to normal I could. I climbed up another table and sitting there was a blue , sparkly pencil case with the name Emma on it.

I just stood there because I had never seen a pencil case ten times bigger than didn’t last for long though , because I heard someone coming . she came into the science room were I was , it was a teacher but if she saw me I would be busted! Thinking quickly I unzipped the pencil case but just a little bit, climbed inside and zipped it back up again. It suddenly it kit up, it was one of those light up pencil cases .it was big so it had lots of room inside. I found a ripped peace of paper ‘ so I got a ginormous text tar( well for me anyway ) and started to draw a picture, it wasn’t very good because draw with something that was taller than me.

Chapter twenty one - Etihad Stadium - Finished mo

When I walked through the 21st gate, I turned up the corridor. And I saw so many AFL trophies either side of me the trophies were huge and so shiny. I found my seat and it was so noisy. The fans on both teams were screaming the footy players, but I had front seats. It was Geelong vs Collingwood.

Then out of nowhere I ended up at the end of the game it was so weird but then Geelong kicked the winning goal the ball was coming right to my stomach the guy next to me tried to snatch it off me I said its mine then he took his hands off me. And I caught the ball was so hard and big. I was so happy when I caught the huge ball.

At the end of the game I went to Tom Hawkins and asked him for a signature on the ball I caught and my jersey. My jersey was the same as Tom Hawkins one. And I also got a signature from Joel Selwood on my ball and my jersey. After that I accidentally flushed myself down the toilet it was so stinky so I closed my eyes and blocked my nose I saw so many different colours well I was in the toilet well not so many just brown red and yellow then I ended up in a really long river in the Jungle.

Chapter twenty two - The River - Finished eden

I was really lost, because, I had dropped my map. I looked around cautiously. It was winter and I was really cold. I was in a forest near a river. I looked around again. It was very overgrown and I felt slightly scared and lonely. I only saw trees, a river and a haunted-looking cabin, but, I really doubted I wanted to go in there, anyway. I was tired and really thirsty, but, I didn’t want to drink the murky river water.

It wasn’t a pretty forest, it was wild and scary-looking, and you could easily get lost in it. I suddenly remembered that I needed to get to Santa Monica Pier soon. There was a wooden sign somebody had put up, it was poorly drawn, but that made the idea even worse. I leaned down and brushed my long blonde hair behind my ears. It said, ‘do not swim’, and had a picture of water weeds strangling some people who were swimming. I didn’t want to swim across that river, so, I snapped off some thin tree trunks to build a raft. I remember, I have no rope on me. The only useful thing I see is wall ivy and vines, so, I pulled of some ivy.

I saw a light in the distance, and I was almost positive that I needed to get there. I had done it. I created a raft, and this felt like a big achievement. But, will it float? Only one way to find out, I suppose…

I grab my things and sit on the raft. It floats for a few metres then sink. I panic. Waterweeds wrap around my feet, and even though I’m so close to the shore, I can’t swim back, they’re too strong.

I can barely breathe and I am screaming loudly as the weeds pull my head underwater.

“I wish I was a fish.” I mumble to myself.

Suddenly, I can breathe, I have gills, and my hands and feet are beginning to turn webbed! The weeds are still wrapped around my feet, and I try to escape their grip. I scream for help, but, only bubbles come out of my mouth.

I suddenly have a fantastic idea. I pick up some sharp coral, and scrape it against the tough weeds. I am cut free, but, I need to do something else. I see a girl about my age floating unconscious on the surface of the water, and I’m sure I have to save her. I grab her hand and throw myself onto the side of the shore I started on.

After, I brush the dirt of myself and stand up; I’m in a living nightmare. I see hundreds or maybe even thousands of possessed bodies float up to the surface after me.

I am convinced she’s possessed, too, but, then she stands up and screams.

“You have and exceptionally loud scream.” I nodded, in an airy sort of voice.

We now walk slowly into the fallen leaves that crush under our feet and we enter the dark forest. I really am quite scared.

We keep on walking and the sunshine begins to gleam through the trees, I followed her. The smell of fresh forest air filled me with happiness, and, suddenly, I wasn’t so scared after all. It ended up a pleasant walk through the woods, until we came across a very overgrown path. The sharp thorns stuck into my feet, and it was just like the crab pinching me at the beach. I was really shivery and the cold winter air chilled through my wet clothes.

Later, we came across a stream, and she turns toward me.

“I’ll help you create a new raft.” The girl suggested.

“I am just a tiny bit scared… of that. You should know why.” I replied. I saw a glowing light in the distance. “Hey! I see something!” I shout.

I run as fast as I can, and for the first time in hours, I am sure. The sudden urge to get out of this forest is crazy.

I have never seen this town, so, I’m not surprised that my mouth fell open, and my eyes widened in shock. I gaped and I stayed liked that for a few minutes.

“Ok. One question,” I said, finally. “What in the world is this?”

“Seems like we were gone for long.” She replied, dryly. Placed in front of us, was two elevators, which, looked like, they led to nowhere. One was labelled 2.1 and the other one, 1.7.

“I don’t like this.” I decided.

“Neither do I, much.” She replied. “It is maths, isn’t it?”

“No, it must be magic, Solara.” I corrected.

“Then, I don’t like this type of magic.” Solara replied.

“I’ve saw something like this before.” I nodded.

“Where?” Solara asked.

“It’s a secret.” I replied, thinking of being sucked into that old diary.

“Fair enough, come on, do something.” Solara replied. I look around for help, Solara shrugs, and I smile to myself, then, I walk into 2.1.

I am in an awful spinning sensation and I am suddenly at a balcony with an amazing view with a waterfall. I curiously look around. I smile happily, but, I have the feeling this isn’t Santa Monica Pier.

“I need to check the other elevator.” I say. I feel this is brave. It might be one of those things like when you need to pick one, one will be a dream, other your biggest nightmare. I really am quite scared at this thought, and I look for the elevator. I can’t see it, and I panic. I looked down, but, I couldn’t see, much, from up so high, so, I climbed down the wooden stairs. I walk into the water, and splash around. I love swimming. I walk into the waterfall and see the elevator.

“Sometimes you need to be clever.” A voice says, and I back in town with the same dizzy feeling .

“How was it?” Solara asked.

“Perfect.” I reply, smiling.

“Good, since you were there for ages!” Solara replied.

“How long was I there?” I asked, curiously.

“Six and a half hours.” Solara replied, coldly.

“No, I was there only fifteen minutes!”

“No, you weren’t, it must’ve been different time.” She argued, annoyed. “Go on, then.” She added.

“Bye.” I said, hugging her. “See you soon, well, hopefully.”

“Yes.” Solara replied.

Then, I stepped into the elevator, and was transported to Santa Monica Pier.

Chapter twenty three - Santa Monica Pier

The waves are splashing, the kids are playing and I am sun baking. I am so relaxed I do not want to get up. But the seagulls are squiring so I move. As I get up I feel the smooth sand. It feels like jelly crystals.

I see people playing Pokémon go on their iPhone I did not mind but I got a bit annoyed. It is exiting I have never been to America before. I decide to get in to get in the water for a swim it is wet and cold. I decide to get out I get my towel and dry myself. Then I get back to my sunbaking.

Then someone asked if I could participate in a science experiment and I agreed. The person looked thrilled. I was taken to a lab and I watched a clip. It was about how work a shrink ray. After that clip the person introduced themselves to me and I did the same to them. I got to use a prototype version of the shrink ray. I had to shoot some targets and I got everyone except one that one was the first one. But then I hit a mirror and it hit me back it felt like water burning in to dust.

“Oh no” I shouted but no one heard me because I was so small. I walked around, but I all I could see was pink skin and………..ear wax! Ooooooo I’m inside someone’s ear.

Chapter twenty four - The ear

After coming from Santa Monica Pier, I see a glass of water in front of a house. After drinking that water, some how I fainted and then find myself in a dark place.

I can’t see a thing. My hands feel really sticky as if I have sticky slime all over them. Luckily I have a torch in my pocket. So I quickly point the flash of the torch to my hands and what I see is very shockingly weird. It is EAR WAX! I start thinking how I can get ear wax on my hands? So I start walking a little bit further and while I was walking, I take a turn. I hear a sound, the sound is as a spider is walking behind me. The sound starts getting louder and louder so I start to move a little bit further on my tippy toes(I start walking towards the spot I woke up at after drinking that glass of water). Suddenly the sound stops “I think it’s just my imagination” I say to myself I start hearing that sound AGAIN, I whisper to myself “this can’t be my imagination”. Finally the sound stops, I look behind to see if the spider is behind me and I am right the spider is behind me I feel like I am going to faint because I hate spiders (that’s because I’m really scared of spiders. (Once I saw a spider and I fainted). Anyways why am I telling you that I should be running so I start running towards the place where I woke up at, I sprint as fast as I can. I had to go up and down, through the tunnel, up the lumpy hills of skin and I just reached the end of the ear so I was ready to jump, I jumped with the spider. I looked at my watch after coming out of the ear and it was 10(PM), I had spent 2 hrs in Ginny’s ear. It was 8(PM), when I looked at my watch before drinking the glass of water with the chemical mixed. I just realized that I was some how back in size I thought maybe the chemical only lasts for 2hrs?. And ran out the window. Next I see Ginny sleeping and the spider. By the way the spider was a tarantula. “I am lucky because I live next door to Ginny” I whisper to myself.

The End


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