Fig tree & recruiting #4


Last weekend was so great. Our ministry together is changing the course of people's history.

The Numbers: Fred Campus and church wide
  • 932 kids in Fred (a record for us!), 1910 church wide
  • 5860 total attendance in Fred, 10 431 church wide
  • 72 kids salvation in FRED
  • 70 new families in Fred only, 98 new kids
  • 298 serving volunteers in Kidspoint
Congratulations everyone!

We did it, not on our own, but TOGETHER!

So many people I want to honor this time around, so here it goes, in no particular order
  • All coaches and team leaders that gave their all
  • Every volunteer that actually decided to go to battle with us for the lives of our kids and their parents.
  • Every team ministered with passion, it was beautiful to see and hear.
5 things we will all BE doing this weekend!
  1. Be happy & smiling : Smile your way into a good mood! Second time kids/parents will be coming in, let's have a special place for them in our hearts.
  2. Be honoring: we will come and minister as a team. Our cultural value is "We choose honor" and our habit, "I show up"!
  3. Be personable: talk positively to kids, team mates and parents
  4. Be grateful: we get to point kids to Jesus, we get to have fun in church, we get to minister and love people, SO we are grateful
  5. Be love & respect incarnated: we will love everyone that walks in our environments.
3 Things I will DO this weekend
  1. I will keep my rooms clean. When we come in a room, it is clean, when we leave it, we make sure it is clean!
  2. I will sing my heart out during KP worship and in the auditorium also
  3. I will sign the roster sheet

FREDERICKSBURG CAMPUS Kidspoint training will happen on June 3rd. More in next week, but make sure you attend this!

Every single one of us can find a new volunteer to serve alongside your side. For a reminder, read the text below.

People have excuses not to serve (Nazareth excuses) and you may have answers to tell them (Fig tree answers).

NAZARETH excuse #5

I've served before but I've stopped

What is (possibly) implied: i've been hurt before, I used to be forced to serve when I couldn't, i didn't like my team or church, I suffered some sort of spiritual abuse

FIG TREE answer

  1. I know what you mean, I've been there before (if you have obviously!)
  2. I love serving with my team here, we serve alongside and we take care of each other
  3. Maybe it's time to serve again, try us out. Serving is good for the soul and your spirit
  4. At kidspoint, they really treat us well (give a few examples)
  5. This is a busy and active environment, but it is also a caring, respectful one.

NAZARETH excuse #6

I'm not really comfortable with kids

What is (possibly) implied: I don't like proximity to children, and that is ALL there is for Kidspoint: being with kids

FIG TREE answer

  1. No problem, i totally understand. We are called KIDSpoint.
  2. There are numerous other things you can help us with : echeck, First Time Families, data entry, week help (clean up, emails, getting rooms ready), production, worship!
  3. See there are other things you could express your god-given talents in.

NAZARETH excuse #7

I'm not very good (or talented)

What is (possibly) implied: I don't know how to do this, I might not have the minimal requirements, I'm not trained for this

FIG TREE answer

  1. We won't throw you in the lion's den.
  2. You will get basic training for your your ministry
  3. Kidspoint offers regular training, plus we get these incredible news letters that help us out (come on somebody?!)
  4. We actually have a training on (mention the date)
  5. We believe all of us are talented in something (1 Peter 4:10) and we can do it together (Ephesians 4:10-11)

NAZARETH excuse #8

I need the Sunday preaching (my time in the main auditorium, to sit down and listen, are other versions of this)

What is (possibly) implied: I don't want to serve on an empty tank, I'm not spiritual enough to serve

FIG TREE answer

  1. We don't want you to serve on empty tank either!
  2. We have multiple service times which will help you be able to become fully alive in your ministry and in your spiritual time listening to Pastor Daniel
  3. You have access to the online service if you want you
  4. If you want, joining a small group would help you keep on growing and "fill yourself up"

Now, it is time for YOU to follow the NIKE motto

As a team, recruit 6 new volunteers by April 30th. That's 1 person for the 8AM, 1 person for the 5PM, 2 for the 9:30 and 2 for the 11:30 AM service.


I will be out of the office all of next week as I am in Birmingham, AL for a conference. But I will be there on Sunday.

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