My Maker Experience BY: David minott

2/15/17 - 3D designs, I'm still deciding on what I could create that can make a change for the world. This week I've decided that I want to do the Electronics, 3D and Woodworking pathways.

2-16-17 I've,still, haven't decided what I wanted but I know I want it to include all the pathways in one.

I decided that I wanted to make a 3D Tower that performs a function that saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

2-19-17 I began to work on the first floor of the house on AutoCAD but it's very slow and ineffient.

2-20-17 I try agin with AutoCAD but it is not cutting itAs I look

2-21-17 Mr.Routh lets me use FreeCAD but just like AutoCAD it is acting up. "It led met to an article about butter :/."

2-22-17 I did more research and figured out that angles I want the roof to be

2-23-17 Last day of the week and still researchig

2-26-17 I found Autodesk homedesigner and it seems to be just I was looking for.

2-27-17 I began to work on the first floor again in Homedesigner

2-28-17 Raven rescue

2-29-17 I continue on the first bedroom on the first floor of the house

2-30-17 I finish the guest bedroom and am working on the living room

3-1-17 working on the kitchen and still tweaking the bathroom and bedroom

3-2-17 was absent due to Model UN conference.

3-3-17 Raven rescue

3-4-17 Absent again :(

3-5-17 Finish Kitchen

3-8-17 Finally get to working on the office and more tweaking the living room.

3-9-17 I continued with working on the 1st floor and add in a bedroom

3-10-17 Finish with the 1st floor

3-11-17 I begin to work on the bedrooms upstairs and add in paintings

3-13-17 I finish the second floor relatively quickly compared to the 1st floor

3-14-17 Completed attic

3-26-17 I prepare to submit in the assignment as final touches are done

3-27-17 Struggling with turning it in because of the work being under my personal email.

3-28-17 Submitted the assignment after getting it switched to my school email

I finish my reflections for pathway 1 on 3/29/17

3/30/17 - completed pathway 1 completely

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