Real Repentance A Bible Study

If repentance is the key to freedom from sin and intimate fellowship with the Father, it is important that we know clearly what real repentance is and how to do it. Is repentance simply uttering a scripted line, "Please forgive me… I repent…."? Perhaps you have found yourself "repenting" over the same sin many times in the same day.

Read Matthew 12:41-42

What characterized the repentance of the men of Ninevah?

What is real repentance?

Read Matthew 26:75 and Matthew 27:5. Describe the different responses to sin.

In order to really repent, we must see what our sin does... how it destroys our relationships - with others, ourselves and with God. If we condone our sin as "not that bad", we will never really turn away from it.

When we sin, we are basically saying that we love our sin more than Jesus. When we see our utter rebellion, we gain motivation to change. If we do not admit that we sin because we love it, we will always condone it and see it as somehow unavoidable.

Read Luke 18:9-14. Describe how the two men viewed themselves before God.

Read 2 Corinthians 7:10

It is important for us to take full responsibility for our sin. When we say, "Sorry, I made a mistake," that reveals we see our sin as just an accident. It's important to speak out, "I repent." These words mean, "I choose to turn around. I will not do that sin again." The words "I repent" need to match a resolute decision to completely walk away from the sin. Are we prepared to count the cost? Are we prepared to do anything it takes to sever our connection with that sin?

What is false repentance?

False repentance is all about regret. When we feel bad about our sin, yet do not change, we are walking in the destructive path of false repentance. Regret leads to ongoing cycles of sin.

Ultimately, regret dishonors the One who sacrificed so much to free us from sin. When our motivation for repentance is false, we will repent because we fear punishment or disgrace. Selfishness still reigns in our lives. Hardness of heart develops, and the convicting voice of the Holy Spirit grows more and more distant.

Real repentance brings real change.

Do you find yourself going back to the same sin again and again? Perhaps, it is because you have never really repented.

Ask God to search your life and reveal any area of sin that you have yet to repent of. Take time to count the cost and practice real repentance.

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