Triassic Period BY: Zach Schrauben and cole lyon

The Triassic Period was during the Mesozoic Era and Proterozoic Eon. The Epochs of Period was the Scythian. This period took place from 252 mya - 201 mya. The word Triassic came because of the three part division of rock they were discovered in Germany. The three rock layers were the Bunter, Mushelkalk, and the Keuper
This is what scientist think the land looked like during the early Triassic Period
The climate of the Triassic is said to be generally hot and dry with strong seasonality. The super continent called Pangaea was breaking apart during this period and had a dry dessert terrain. The polar regions were moist and temperate.
There were tragic events during this period and with them we got a new breed of animals such as rodent sized mammals. ( this is a theraspid)
This is an example of marine life during the Triassic Period. This funny looking thing is a plesiosaur.
This is an image of a mammal that was actually three feet long in size. The eozostrodon was one of the first earliest mammals in this period.
During the Triassic period the two main plants found around Pangaea was the fern and mosses.
This is moss which was another plant that thrived during the Triassic period.

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