Controllerise dope beats and good people


Over a million media impressions

Over 250 thousand video views

Over 10 thousand social media followers

Over 100 thousand dollars in revenue to the business partners of Controllerise

Thousands of attendees


Founded by producers STLNDRMS and BLKCUBES, Controllerise has built a cult following in the Atlanta with its weekly vibe sessions. Producers perform beat sets to a crowd as diverse as their musical selections in front of a back drop of new and classic Anime and Video games.

Currently, Controllerise is generating an average of 250+ people to each event. Our audience is extremely engaged, hundreds of comments and shares are a regular occurrence during a live stream.

As a beacon for gaming, anime and beat culture in Atlanta, Controllerise brings together fans from all classes and backgrounds. Affiliates of the brand consistently experience increased levels of patronage, press and notoriety during and after Controllerise events. We've turned the worst nights of the week into the best nights of the week on several occasions.

Our demographic is mostly 18-35yr old creatives

a sea of headnods


Photos: Lourdes Sukari, Video: STLNDRMS

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