Chromosomal Abnormalities By: madison lowery

  • Down Syndrome happens when an individual has a full or incomplete extra copy of a chromosome 21. There's 3 types of down syndrome. They have different features then us like a lazy eye or spots, flat nasal bridge and thin upper lip. First picture of a toddler with Down Syndrome.
  • Klinefelter Syndrome: Occurs only in males (XX) which they are born with an extra X chromosome. symptoms may include low testosterone, low muscle mass, little facial and body hair and produces little to no sperm. The picture of Klinefelter Syndrome is in the second photo, first body of male.
  • Turner Syndrome: Occurs only on females. Which their born with only one X chromosome. Symptoms include low hairline, Fold of skin at the neck, short stature, small finger nails, No menstruation, elbow deformity, webbing of neck and reduced growth. Picture two, second body (female) shows Turner Syndrome.
  • Color Blindness is very common. It's usually a genetic disorder. Most colorblind affected people cannot distinguish shades of red and green. It's common in males than females.

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