Bucket List By: AlbERTO SANTOS

1. I want to go to San Diego with my family to go see the beaches, view, and the kind of stores they have over there.

Art Institute Museum of Chicago

2I want to go visit this art museum because I want to see what kind of art they have over there and i would take my two brothers.

top left : Phora, Bottom left: Logic, Side: Jay Starz

3. I would like to go to these three artists concert. First i would like to see Phora, secondly logic, then lastly logic. I would take my older brother because he likes these artists too.

4. I would like to become a sketch artist and mechanical engineer. I like drawing and i want to build things. i would like to invent something that would change the world.

5. I would like to go see a wild life sanctuary because i would like to see the animals. I would take my whole family and i would like to go to a scnctuary that has all sorts of animals instead of one particular kind.

6. I would like to go rock climbing because it looks fun. I went rock climbing before but it was at an amusement park not on high cliffs.

7. I want to own an audi because i like how they look. I would want it with tinted windows and suicide doors because i think itll look better like that.

8. I would want to go skydiving even though it looks scary. I want to go because at the same time it looks fun and i want to try something new.

9. I want to go white water rafting because I´ve gone on one but not in a river. I have only gone on the ones in the adventure parks.

10. I would like to make a song because I wrote a little bit of lyrics and hopefully I can add to that and make a song.

Antelope Canyon

11. I want to go see the antelope canyon in Arizona because it looks amazing. i like how the rocks curve so muchh and it looks soft.

Red Flute Caves

12. I really want to go see the red flute caves of china because there are some many types of crystals there. They vary in many different colors.

Great Wall of China

13. I want to walk the Great Wall of China because I want to see the amazing view and because I want to see how far I can go.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia

14. I would want to stay at the Bora Boras for a day because it looks beautiful and I can just swim right in front of my house. It also looks peaceful.

15. I want to visit all seven continents.

16. I would want to get married and start a family.

17. I would like to go visit Mexico to see my parent's parents because i never seen them. Also i want to go there because i never been there before.

18. I would want to learn other languages so when i travel i can speak in their language so it wouldn't be difficult to communicate.

19. I would love to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. I would like to use it to go hunting.

20. I would like to to go horse back riding, construct a battle arena like tac ops, and learn how to play an instrument. I would like to construct an arena that you can use weapons to battle. The guest would also be able to use armor. It wouldnt be harmful though it would be safe. I would like to learn how to play a piano or guitar.


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