Sectionalsim by: mason Crkvenac

Sectionalism Between the North and South

Sectionalism is what you believe in relation to your region.
  • 1800s sectionalism was the division of the north and the south
  • The north became more industrialized, urban, and they built more factories
  • South focused on plantation agriculture and they used slaves
  • Southerners thought slavery was fair
  • Northerns thought slavery was unfair

Fight for Power

The north and south fight for power.
  • Both regions wanted their states to be more powerful than the other.
  • The more free states they had the more free power they would have in government.
  • The more slave states they had the more slave power they would have in government

The Southerners

South Sectionalism
  • The southerners thought that slavery was necessary to the economical south
  • Slavery helped southerners farm
  • Cotton became a cash crop for the U.S

Future Events

  • Sectionalism led to the Civil War
  • It led to the Missouri Compromise
  • The south gained a new slave state (Missouri)
  • The North gained a new slave free state (Maine)
  • The new states balanced out the non slave and slave states
  • Slavery was prohibited anywhere north of Missouri's southern border
  • There were still arguments between the north and south after the Missouri Compromise

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