Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Erika Opperman

“One of the issues that many deal with while growing up is bullying and harassment. Bullying and harassment are common, but that does not mean that they should be acceptable” (Health iBook pg 6).

Cause and Effect

“Even in its non-physical forms, bullying and harassment are meant to intimidate and terrorize the victim” (Page 7).

Cause and effect is a very important startement to understand in life. Knowing how your actions can reflect yourself or effect someone else is crucial to keeping a healthy life. When you don't think about the situation and how you should act, you tend to react on instinct and in some situations, isn't the right thing to do. Bullying isn't a joke, or just another thing parents tell you not to do. It's a serious situation that can really hurt a person not only physically but also mentally. One wrong statement in the heat of the moment can crash a persons view on you, and themselves. A solution to a problem in your life is never solved by treating someone else badly, it might ease the situation for the moment, but continuing to pick on someone everytime you feel bad is bullying. Another type of bullying is harassment. When wanting to make someone feel embarrassed or to show how much better you are than them by constantly hurting them emotionally over the internet is harassment. Blackmail, exposure, posting are all forms of harassment. Even celebrities are harassed by photographers and magazine producers everyday. This can hurt someone emotionally and bring their self esteem down.


“While many people think of bullying in terms of physical harm and danger, this is not the only type of bullying harassment out there” (Page 6).

Social media can be fun to use with your friends, but it can also be used as a weapon in harassment. My friend (I didn't know him at the time) moved schools to Upper Arlington and found himself not fitting in as well with all of the groups and clicks. He made 2-3 friends, but really wasn't comfortable. Soon two kids began to make fun of him for not being able to fit in and started to harass him online and in school. No physical harm was done from the kids, but his self-esteem and confidence disappeared. He became depressed and started to think suicidal thoughts wanting it to all go away. His new friends didn't even stand up for him and neither did anyone online. He tried to commit suicide twice, but found himself not being able to do it. He dragged on in agony just wanting everything to end. Eventually he confessed to his parents and they moved again to Hilliard. I met him through my church youth group and became very close. I helped him through his depression and made sure that he knew he could always rely on me for anything he was struggling with.

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