GoKart Gang Nick considine

Problem Statement: We're to design and then build/test a go-kart powered by a conventional drill, which will be then competing against fellow groups through various courses to evaluate numerous attributes of our kart (acceleration, top speed, handling, and efficiency). Our group will be graded based on the performance of the vehicle throughout these stages.

  • This project will last for the rest of the school year,¬†and will consist of multiple units, thus the following is crucial for each group member.
  • Each group member ensures they contribute to the requirements as outlined.
  • Their progress is documented daily.
  • Uses appropriate work for reference when unable to solve something themselves.
  • Looks into and/or utilizes opportunities given to them as well as provide any additional materials possibly required during or after school.

We will be provided with materials from our instructor, which includes the drill (which must be able to be removed quickly as classes share the drills). The following will be given to the group: 1 sheet of 3/4'inch plywood, hardware offered in class, and wood glue. We're also able to purchase $25 worth of extra materials as we see fit. However if we desire to order we must supply the following: Item name & item number, quantity and cost per unit(s), Aisle and bay location within the story, and the date specified when needed, with the instructor notified one week in advance. This is supplemented with three outside materials, being the wheels, chain, and gears, with the wheels being required and the latter two being optional.


A reference gear system we'll be using as inspiration for our own gear system, albeit with changes.
The steering system we'll be using for our kart, whether we'll keep the handle for steering is still up for debate.


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