We help you to resolve your corrosion, wear, abrasion / impact problems that degrade your equipment parts.
And if maintenance and repair could become a strategic advantage for your company ?
Breakage repair

We can modify the metallurgical composition of problematic surfaces, during repairs, in order to improve the resistance and increase equipment productive time and at the same time your performance.

Corrosion affects several industries. Metallurgical solutions exist in order to reduce the effects.
A complete line of nickel alloys (NiCrFe-3, NiCu-7, NiCrFe-2, Ni-1, NiCrMo-3, NiCrMo-4, NiCrCoMo-1 and NiCrMo-13) and stainless steel (2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx) are available in covered electrodes, solid wires and flux cored wires.
Protection against different wear types
A good analysis of the working situation of the equipment and its metallurgical composition will allow to put in place a strategy in order to increase his durability.
It is possible to build a metallurgical armor on the surfaces that undergo various violent shocks.
Whether it is for flux cored wires, covered electrodes or wear plates, we have the solutions, in order to increase the performance of your equipment.
Sometime, it is necessary to cut, pierce or gouge, to save time.
Whether it is electrodes or exothermic cutting tubes, we have the solution to help you.

In all production tasks, we know that details make great projects. The Sodel team is there to support you from the beginning to the conclusion of the project.

Whether it is for products (covered electrodes, solid or flux cored wires), technical support, inventory or the 24 / 7 availability of our team; everything is in place to make your project a success.

Our Drummondville plant allows us to respond quickly to your needs and to develop tomorrow's solutions.

The acquired experience in the realisation of international projects (Chile, United States, Mexico, Algeria and others) will permit to our customers to benefit from a metallurgical expertise that made his proofs and that will help you to increase your benefits.


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