Treasure Your Reptile! Madelynn Stockwell

Your Going To Need A Lot Of Supplies

To care for your your chameleon you are going to need certain supplies, food and all kind of stuff. First, you're going to need a cage to keep the chameleon in. You will need a bigger cage for a bigger chameleon. You will also need a heat lamp, ( a lamp that gives off heat ). The heat lamp helps the chameleon survive (they need the heat). Next, you will need a spray bottle. You need this because chameleons only drink water off of leaves, so you will need to spray the leaves in the cage. Speaking of leaves, you are going to need some. Either fake or real leaves. Both are fine. You will also need fake or real branches. You will need branches because your chameleon is going to need something to climb on. Last, but not least your, going to need a thermometer ( something to measure heat with) . You will need the thermometer to tell the temperature of the cage. Here is basically all you need to care for your chameleon.

This is what your cage could look like

Dinner Time

To feed your chameleon , there is certain food to feed them. The main thing you want to feed your chameleon are crickets or any bug you can buy at the pet store. If you have a bigger kind of chameleon you might want to feed it mice. I know it kind of sounds weird but, it is one thing you can feed it. If you have a smaller cameleon a big meal for it can be a mealworm. Be careful be sure that to only feed it one worm a week, if you do more than one… It will not be good. One more thing, vitamins. You will need to get powder vitamins ( a vitamin that is in a powder form rather than a pill) so you can put it on the food ( also sold at a pet store ). Here is most of the weird and kind of gross things you can feed your chameleon.

Night Time

Did you know that you actually can put your chameleon to bed? Here is how you can do it. You will know when your chameleon ( a slow moving lizard that uses camouflage) is tried because it will usually will turn a very light green. It will also, curl up its tail and sit on a branch waiting for you. It is waiting for you to turn off both of the heat lamps, so it can fall to sleep. Before you put it to bed you, will have to spray the leaves so it can have some water. The right time to put it to bed is around 6:30 or 7:00. You also need to turn off the heat lamps. Is it bedtime yet… Nope you should keep reading.

This is a chamleon sleeping.

Ready To Set Up?

Are you sure you are ready to set up? If you are keep reading. First, you should place the cage somewhere safe where no one will hurt it or knock it over. Then, place the branches in the cage. You should put the branches diagonale into the cage, so the chameleon can climb in some more places. After that, you should put the leaves in. The leavers can go on the branches on maybe on the wall the cage, so it can use its camouflage,( to blend in with the environment around it) with the leaves spread apart. Then, the thermometer. You could put it on the wall of the cage. There you go, you are ready to take care of your chameleon.

THis is a cage all setup.

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