Mountain View News Term 2 Week 4

Principal's Message

“Most young kids will remember how their family home felt during Coronavirus panic more than anything specific about the virus. Our kids are watching us and learning how to respond to stress and uncertainty. Let’s wire our kids for resilience.” Brainpower Neurodevelopment Centre LLC

As I read this quote, I thought of you as parents, and the wonderful job you have done in supporting your child’s learning at home, but more importantly, supporting their resilience. As students have started to return to school, we have found that they have learnt from you and that they are resilient. Keep encouraging your children to focus on the things that they can control and to find happiness and satisfaction in the daily routines of life.

As all of our students return to school five days a week from Monday 25 May, we are committed to providing a safe and happy learning environment for your children.

Please be reassured that we are continuing our extra precautions with cleaning, hygiene and social distancing where appropriate. All students and staff will continue to have their temperature checked by infrared thermometer prior to entering the campus. If your child is unwell, please follow health advice and keep them at home.

Finally, we say goodbye to Ms Dalton and Mrs Silva, who are going on maternity leave. We wish both ladies and their families all the best and look forward to their return next year. Meanwhile, we welcome Miss Liberman and Mr Argo who are replacing these ladies for the rest of the year. Miss Liberman is well known to our Year 2 students and Mr Argo has a wealth of experience and knowledge for our senior students.

Looking for school information and can’t find it?

With so much information in your inbox each day it is easy to miss an email from the school. Remember that you can also find school and COVID-19 information on our facebook page and website. Parents of Years 7-12 can see their child’s academic work and results using SEQTA Engage.

Need a boost for your mental health with the Sydney Swans?

While it's positive to see a number of restrictions being eased across the country, it’s common to feel uncertain, or even anxious about the change.

Click on the button below and you will find an invitation to the Black Dog Institute’s next Mental Fitness Webinar with the Sydney Swans.

Chaplain's Address

From the outset of creation we were meant to be in community. With each new day a new dynamic. Heavens and earth in community with the sun, moon and stars, the sky and water in community with birds of the air and fish of the deep; land and plants in community with animals and human beings. And on that final day of creation we received the command that "it is not good for man to be alone", not just in the relational sense of Adam and Eve but rather highlighting the case that humans are relational beings, we are meant to have others around us just as Christ longs to be in community with us!

Even as an introvert myself, this time of isolation has brought up a new found love of community and a realisation of not taking those around me for granted. Students who could not wait to be away from school are now itching and excited to be back, to be back in community and with each other at school.

As we return to the 'new' normal, we pray that the 'new' means a re-focus on community, with one another and with God.

It is in this new that we continue virtual chapels that encourage community through discussion and our theme of service as well as Junior Day of worship coming up soon being a community collaboration between our schools from Sydney and South New South Wales.

How blessed are we for the 'new' eyes we have to see the world.

Mountain View Chaplain's

Student Wellbeing

This week I had the opportunity to check in with some families and students about how they have coped with the many changes to school life. While the media has portrayed that parents are happily sending their students back to school out of frustration, it was nice to hear that most parents had made the most of the extra family time they were gifted during this pandemic. Students made mention of more family cooking time and eating meals together. Other students had extra driving lessons with mum or dad and are now closer to getting their provisional licence once restrictions are lifted. A few of the younger students spoke about riding bikes and taking daily walks with their family. Others enjoyed music lessons and dance lessons via zoom.

While school gets back to somewhat ‘normal’ next week, I hope that you don’t lose the joy that you experienced with your families and that you continue to value each other and the moments created, as together we move into again uncharted territory.

Parents and students please remember that there are people with whom you can speak to at school should you need any help or coping mechanisms at this time. These people include teachers, counselors and chaplains - they are there to help you if you need someone to talk to.

Mrs Rontania Jensen

Wellbeing Coordinator



Welcome Back to Mrs Lett

It is lovely to welcome Mrs Lett back after her maternity leave. Mrs Lett is our Instructional Coach in the Junior School and her expertise is appreciated by teachers and students. Miss Zafar, who was ably filling in for Mrs Lett, is now back in the Year 2 classroom and loving being with her students again.

Prefects plan for return to school

The senior prefects and captains have been planning for return to school and will be meeting with each home room and grade next week. Their enthusiasm and leadership is appreciated.

Visiting the Chickens

With more students back at the school, the chickens have had some visitors. Their roosts and nesting boxes were desperate for a cleaning and the students had missed their feathered friends. It was good to get outdoors in the sunshine for some physical labour and chats with people we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Solar Water Heating System Competition

Year 8 students have been studying Energy this term and this week they put their knowledge of energy transfers, absorption, reflection and convection to the test by designing and building systems that would heat water using only energy from the sun. The water temperature started at 16 degrees celsius and despite the daytime temperature only reaching 19 C, the winning groups heated water to 29 C and 30 C! Congratulations to the following groups who achieved equal second place with 29 C:

Eva and Taliya

Susana and Saniya


And first place goes to the design that increased the water temperature to 30 C: congratulations Keisha and Jordyn!

sport & pdhpe for Term 2

Sports and PDHPE classes for term 2 will still operate in a modified form. Please see below for details.


Canteen Update

Our canteen staff have been working hard and changing up our menu this term. We have introduced a breakfast option with the canteen opening up at 8am and serving breakfast until 9am. They have changed our lunch menus and will continue to explore other specials from time to time.

We have also introduced EFTPOS to the canteen enabling students to "tap 'n' go" when making a purchase. This has proved to be a big hit making it easier for our students to engage in eating some healthy foods. Please see our updated Canteen Menu for Term 2 below. We hope to see you there!

School Uniforms

As you are aware, we have been transitioning to a new uniform supplier whilst implementing some changes to our uniforms. Unfortunately this process too has been impacted by COVID-19.

Our supplier is working hard to continue with supplying us with stock, however has been experiencing difficulties with their suppliers. As a result of the delays, the uniform shop is out of stock on some items. We will have them in as soon as we can and we appreciate your patience during this unusual time.

Blazers are available for students in Years 7 - 12 to purchase now. Blazers were planned to be a compulsory item from Term 2, 2020 however this has been postponed until the start of the school year in 2021. We would appreciate parents purchasing these items in the near future as the students look fantastic in their uniform and students feel a real sense of pride for themselves and their College. It will also help with stock planning for the new year so that all students will be in full uniform from the beginning of 2021.

Bus Runs

During Term 2 we adjusted the bus runs to cater for the changing demands of student travel requirements. As from Monday 25 May, our buses will be returning to normal operations. We have made some minor changes to some runs and your bus driver would have been in contact with you.

We would like to remind our parents and students that you are required to be at your allocated pickup and drop-off locations 10 minutes before your scheduled time. This will assist in our buses remaining as close to time as possible. Due to safety reasons, we would like to limit the number of calls that Bus Drivers both make and receive. It is not practise for our drivers to be calling parents to ensure that students are at their locations on time. If your child is being picked up from home, students are required to be ready to go. In the event where our buses had to wait for each pick up for 2-3 minutes, this would increase bus route times by up to 1 hour which is not a viable option.

In the event where your child has missed the bus for whatever reason, parents can contact the bus driver and arrange to meet them along the bus route. It is important that we stay as close to these allocated time to minimise any lateness to school and flow on impacts to other families.

Water Bottles

Students are requested to bring a refillable water bottle to school each day as the bubblers have been closed down. There are Water Refill stations in the student reception area where students are encouraged to refill their drink bottles. It is important that students to not share water bottles to minimise the risk of spreading any bugs.