Learning Task Main Idea & Details

Station 1: Design Thinking

Fictional Students:

Student 1: Works quickly & is above grade level, but makes careless mistakes because of disinterest.

Student 2: Working slightly below grade level and struggles to keep up in class.

Student 3: Doesn't return to the passage to figure out the main idea & details.

Changes I Would Make:

  • Need something for students to store their thoughts, such as a graphic organizer, online journal, etc.
  • Need a program or activity that allows the child to work at their pace & help with their specific learning needs.

Lesson Ideas:

  • Children write stories - use these to find the Main Idea (don't specifically teach what main idea is yet)
  • Write paragraphs together & discover Main Idea
  • Students create a video or alternate assignments to show Main Idea.
  • Story Frame - Pixar Films

Station 2: Prototyping & Modeling

I did enjoy creating a design through Tinker Cad. I think this could be used to create story props to help in retelling a story or students could create an image of something that represents the main idea.

Station 3:

Students need to be able to relate digital coding to the physical world so that they can create things to use in order to solve real-life problems.

Main Idea Assessment:


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