The American Dream By: Tori Miller

The picture above is from my trip to Israel this past summer. I traveled with my sleep away camp to Israel for five weeks on a leadership program. The trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never forget the amazing memories I made with all of my friends. The picture above was taken in the Negev Desert. We hiked and camped in the Negev Desert for three days. Having the opportunity to travel helps me appreciate the freedoms and rights of travel and religion as an American citizen. Traveling to Israel represents the American Dream to me, because I was not only fortunate enough to have traveled halfway across the world on a fun and educational trip, but I also got to express and embrace my religion in a way I have never experienced before.

The picture above is from the Newton South Swim and Dive Team. This year is my third season on the team and I love participating on it. Not only do I get in shape, but I also have made a lot of friends that I would have never met if it weren't for this team. I also play on the Newton South tennis team in the spring. Participating in extracurricular activities and playing sports is representative of the American Dream to me. Having the opportunity to bond, form strong connections, and make a tight-knit community with the team also contributes to the aspect of the American Dream. Being apart of these teams with individuals from all different backgrounds is similar to being an American citizen in a country where people come from many diverse backgrounds.

The picture above captures my family at a wedding in New Jersey. My family consists of my dad, my mom, my older sister Alexa, and my younger brother Brett. I am very close with my family and I appreciate all of them so much. Being able to receive your family's support and love is indispensable. The picture above is representative of the American Dream, because my family has strong family values and we respect the values that America was founded upon.

This is a picture of my dog, Bode. He is a labradoodle and he is ten years old. Before I got a dog, I was terrified of all dogs while everyone in my family loved dogs. Now that I have a dog, I love dogs more than anyone else in my family. We named my dog Bode Miller after the olympic skier because my family loves to ski and it was an appropriate name because our last name is Miller. Having a dog in my family has impacted each one of my family members in a positive way. The picture of my dog above is representative of the American Dream, because I am fortunate enough to have a loyal, cute, and fluffy member of my family. Having a dog has taught me many responsibilities which made me realize I have the responsibility to take care of others in need in America.

The picture above is taken at my camp and is a picture of the lake. I have been going to Camp Pembroke since I was nine years old. Sleep away camp has changed my life in so many ways and will always remind me of happy memories and the amazing summers I spent there. Going to camp every summer for seven weeks has been a privilege and a luxury in my life which I am thankful for. To me, camp gives me freedom from the "real world" and is similar to the right of pursuit of happiness under the United States Constitution. The picture of the camp lake above is representative of my American Dream.

The picture above is a mural at Newton South High School. The painting is a creative and abstract way to express the idea of equality and freedom. The message is very powerful and helps to bring an inclusive community to high school. Attending a school promoting equality is represented in the picture above and helps represent the American Dream to me as stated in the bill of rights.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."-- The Declaration of Independence

In the picture above are my best friends and I. My friends and I go through everything together and I could not be more thankful to have them. My friends would do anything for each other and I would not replace our friendships for the world. Having the ability of being friends with whomever you choose under the freedom of association and assembly is a quality of the American Dream to me.

In the picture above shows a luxury car. Getting around from place to place is essential. Obtaining a car helps to get from one location to another and is your own reliable way of transportation. Along with the luxury of having a car, is the luxury of having electronics. In today's society, everyone is expected to connect with technology and know how to use it. Having luxuries such as cars and electronics is representative of the American Dream, because we live in a capitalistic and materialistic society .

In the picture above is Boston. I took the picture as I was driving into Boston on the highway. Living in Newton, only about 10 minutes from Boston, I understand how lucky I am to live so close to a city full of opportunity, education, and equality. Most people do not get to experience a city like Boston. The city thrives from succeeding citizens and flourishing industries. Boston was the birthplace of the American Revolution and the cradle of liberty and justice for all. Having the opportunity to live so close to a historical and world-renowned city like Boston is representative of the American Dream to me.

"This is free ground. All the way from here to the Pacific Ocean. No man has to bow. No man born to royalty. Here we judge you by what you do, not by what your father was. Here you can be something. Here's a place to build a homeā€¦It's the idea that we all have value, you and me."--Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

The picture above is of my parents. I used a picture of my parents because of all of the hard work and effort they put into my family. They both work very hard at their jobs to provide for my family and make sure that my siblings and I can get whatever we need and want. Working helps to make the pursuit of happiness possible. Having a job is representative of the American Dream to me, because it allows families to have a stable and a reliable source of income.


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