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Monitoring Your Children Social Media

This app VISR is a monitorinng app, whenever your child post, if you have this app, you will know

If you want to watch their social media profiles and want an easy way to do it besides looking at it trough your account, be there when they create their social media so you can get their email, at-name, and password and write it down, personally my mom when we were creating our social media accounts she was right there looking over our shoulder trying to see everything, then she made us write everything down. At that moment in time i was acting like an ungrateful child, confused on why she wanted all of this information, but in the long run I find it useful because if i ever forget anything all I have to do

Private Accounts

Making your account(s) private is very simple. Go into settings and find "Private Account" and turn it on. Done

When having tween/ teens with social media, have them set their accounts to private, and have them be friends/follow you so you can see everything, and note if you child doesn't want to follow or want to add you as a friend then they are most likely trying to hide something from you that you don't want them to be doing. I personally have almost every social media that normally every teenager has, and all of my accounts of private, and you have to request to follow me on everything.

Beware of Sexting

Sexting has become a huge part of the 21 centenary, something that probably shouldn't exist and no one should have came up with. We all hear you talks about sex and sexting, but do you think that we listen? It's like an 80-20 chance your kid is actually listening, and will follow what your saying. I personally believe if you send naked pictures then you have no respect for yourself. Personally story, So since having social media I have told my mom that I have never and will never send naked photos to anyone. Its been four years and it has never crossed my mind to do that, but just because I don't send them doesn't mean that people haven't sent them to me. When they ask I deny and tell them if they don't stop they will be deleted and blocked, and sometimes that's not enough and they send them anyway, so block and report.

Set a Good Example

Your kids watch what you do and learn from you

If you also have social media and are following or friends with your child, set a good example, because we learn from you, what you do we also want to do. So don't share anything real inappropriate because there is a possibly that your child will think they can post things like that, because you did.

Teach Your Child About Their Digital Footprint

A good thing to do is to teach your child about their digital footprint, tell them that everything you do online, from the post your share, to the comments you comment, to the videos you watch, is saved and sent to the big headquarters that, that social media is being ran through, the owners of the social media company can see everything, and so can future employers and colleges, students get denied from colleges for the pictures they put online you them partying and doing stupid things, and employers could think your unfit because of what you but online

Take Your Child's Phone

Your child won't agree with what your doing, but take their phone. You are the parent, you pay the bill, they live in you house, under your roof, eating your food, so you can take their phone, and go through everything. I personally believe that parents should go through their kids phones, see what exactly they are doing. My mom doesn't go through my phone but if she wants to see something i will pull out my phone and show her exactly what she wants to see, I have nothing to hide.

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