Adobe Spark is a web based software that allows you to create a personal or professional webpage at ease, the developers of Adobe Spark limits the user to a certain format depending on the theme to provide the best looking webpage possible. Assuming they have a superior knowledge about web design than the user is a very big risk taken by the developers, but the idea behind it is very good. If you limit people to a certain extend you lower their chances of error therefore making their webpage look more professional. Although Adobe Spark limits you on how you can personalize your webpage it has all the tools to still let you customize your webpage tools such as: photo insertion, text insertion, a button maker, video implant, photo grid and glide show as well as many themes who will change the layout of your webpage depending on the one you chose

(buttons to personalize your webpage)

Adobe Spark also lets you choose how you want your photos and videos to be, full screen, windowed, or split between two videos or just a simple link if you prefer having a link, links can also be attached to a button, i know that might sound useless but some very cool things are possible with that simple button. for example you could link another Adobe Spark webpage in a button to create some kind of website, possibilities are virtual endless with the features they offer.

Talking about features Adobe Spark has some original extra ones that are usually only found on webpage and websites maker that are not free compared to Adobe Spark, yes Spark is free and when i say free i don't mean some 30 day trial no the whole thing is completely free, anyways back to the extra features Spark has: Professional typography, iconic imagery, a variety of themes, all platform compatibility and easy share.

To conclude if you are a student, teacher, or anyone looking to make a webpage easily and still getting a professional look then look no further Adobe Spark is your best bet and its free so give it a shot and see what Spark has to offer, now to blow your mind one last time...this blog post was made on Adobe Spark

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Karl Ricardo

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