Atomic Energy Is it more destructive than helpful?

There is no secret Atomic or, better known as Nuclear Energy is used all around the world!

Many people rely on Atomic Energy for their every day lives but recent studies show that Nuclar Energy isn't anything to fool around with.

A release of radioactive materials followed the 2011 Japanese tsunami which damaged the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, resulting in hydrogen gas explosions and partial meltdowns classified as a Level 7 event.

Many other countries besides this one are effected daily

Nuclear Energy is a reaction or radioactive decaying process in which Energy is released, better known as fission. The energy produced is normally in the form of heat making it extremely dangerous and hard to work with.

The government isn't taking any actions to abolish Atomic Energy. However many other big companies and small imcorparactions are boycotting Energy from Nuclear sources. Even the survivors of Fukushima are coming together to raise awareness ness on how distructive it can be.

Green Peace's protest in Sacramento

If we want to control this before it becomes an even bigger problem we will have to stop using steam to drive large turbines. When the Nuclear reaction occurs and the heat&fire is exposed, it boils water to create steam which drivea all of our large turbines.

The risks from nuclear energy are real, inherent and long-lasting.

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