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Worldlists are by far my favorite way to begin the brainstorming process. They help me organize my thoughts and brainstorm that feels more organized than any of the other brainstorming techniques.

Sometimes it helps to add small drawing next to words that I feel stand out.


To actually begin the logo making process and bridge the gap between the wordlists and an idea, you have to make forced connections. Though the majority of sketches are almost promised to be failures, some of the winners might surprise you.

the circled thumbails are the ones I ended up attempting to make digital roughs

logo roughs

The logo roughs are when things begin to get real. You either commit to an idea and make it work, or abandon it. Below are some of the roughs that ended up being turned into to full logos. Though I'm only posting the ideas that were eventually successful, you don't see the 20 other roughs that were scrapped. This process has taught me that there is always a solution out there, you just have to keep pushing until you find an idea that works.

The 8 above pictured here already have come a long way from the thumbnails.

'pre' finals

The below logos are what I turned in as 'finals'. After my professor graded them and gave me back feedback, they went through further revisions to be what you see on the website.

check out the final logos by clicking on the button below!

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Abby Broekhuizen

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