Endangered Species Linocut Project Grace acacia

Arctic foxes

Design Challenge: Making our own prints using linoleum and a cutting tool.

Unit Goal: Demonstrate understanding and application of print making and carving linoleum using cutting tools, ink, and paper.

Parameters: Carving an endangered species out on linoleum, having at least 3 sides of the linoleum cut out and going off the page, having

Materials Used: linoleum, pencils, cutting tools, black ink, paper, and brayers.

The Arctic Fox: the arctic fox is a mammal found in Iceland, Canada, and the arctic tundra. They are very small in size, have white fur coats, and typically bright blue eyes. They are endangered because they are getting hunted, and their habitats are getting destroyed. Arctic foxes are omnivorous. They have up to 14 pups in the spring. Arctic foxes are best known for their thick white fur coats, that camouflage them into the ecosystems they live in.

Planning and sketches

Ideate: My first idea for this project was to draw a monarch butterfly. I changed my idea because I did not think that it would be very interesting to draw. I also debated on drawing a seahorse, polar bear, or some kind of plant. I ended up drawing an arctic fox because it was adorable, very interesting to draw, and looks like my husky Snowflake. I started sketching the body of the fox first, using the observational drawing technique we learned in class. I started out with the body, then the head, and finally the tail. I struggled the most drawing the eyes of the fox, and getting my proportions correct. I found that drawing the mountains was very easy.

Feedback: I shared my idea with my table, and they thought it was well planned out and liked it. I started sketching, and I asked for feedback along the way. My peers said that my sketches were good, but I could use a little work on my proportions and the tail of the fox. They said my fox should be bigger, and the tail should be curvy, and more 3D. I agreed, and fixed the proportions. After I finished, I showed them my drawing, and they said it was very good. I then started my final project.

Reflection: This project was very fun to sketch, and I enjoyed drawing on the linoleum the most. Cutting out the linoleum was hard, but the print making was definitely the hardest part. Getting just the right amount of ink was harder than I thought! I enjoyed this project, and I think it was very tough, but worth it in the end. I learned a lot about print-making and endangered species such as arctic foxes.

My first sketch

The Process:

First cut to final print photos

Explain your process: for this project, I started sketching the body of the fox first by using the observational sketching technique. I drew basic shapes, and kept adding details t make it seem more realistic. When I was satisfied with my art, I took the cutting tools and cut out my fox on the linoleum. I used blade 5 to scoop out the mountains first, so that they would stand out and look realistic. I carved out the big sections of the linoleum first, to make it easy. Next I scooped out my fox using blades 1 and 2 to get more detail, and cleaner lines. When I was happy with my linoleum, I began the printing process. I used a brayer, ink, and my linoleum to make my prints. This process was very tough, but I am happy with my work. I made 11 prints in all, but 2 of them got stuck together and I could not unstick them. Overall I am very satisfied with the way my project turned out, and I am very happy I got to have this print-making experience.

Explain problems you ran into and how you solved them: One of the biggest problems I faces was getting my proportions right. I spent 30 minutes trying to get my fox perfectly centered, but I realized it wasn't the location, but the size of the fox that was throwing me off. I made my fox bigger, and solved this problem. Also, I had trouble with printing. I wasn't careful with my prints and I accidentally placed wet print on top of another, and they ended up sticking together. I could not save them, and I had to throw them away. I also had trouble with the print-making process because I could not get just the right amount of ink on my brayer. I either used too much, or too little. I eventually got a print I was satisfied with, but it took me many tries.

Finished Product:

Critique: overall, I am very happy with my finished product, and I think I have demonstrated an understanding of observational drawing and prink-making. I think I earned an A-, because my work was quality, and I worked very hard on it. My prints were not perfect, but time was limited and I tried my hardest. I think I earned around a 93.


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