Building of the future By sadie

This is my mind map of the biggest things that will rule our future (40 yrs). I gave a small summary on why each of them matters and how they will benefit/harm us.

The prospect of the future may seem exciting- there will be lots of new tech, and buildings will be luxurious and carefree, but dont be fooled. There are a lot of potential problems linked to the future. Let me guess the first one you are thinking of- pollution.

What a polluted city looks like:

The Worst kind of pollution in London is air pollution. In fact, London was recently proven to have the highest levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) of any other capital city in Europe- and is even a bit like the levels of NO2 to beijing (most polluted city). This is very serious, because dirty air has huge impacts on health. The article this information came from- clean air London, or CAL, and CAL recommended 45 measures that should be taken to help improve the air in London. It focused on the trends and sources of where most of the general air pollution is coming from, and tries to fix the problem form there. Some of those trends and Sources come from cars, (CO2 emissions), factories, (producing general pollution depending on the needs for making the product), but this article put heavy emphasis on three main types of most hazardous air pollution, like particulate matter (for example very small parts from dust, tyre and brake wear and black smoke from cars), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and street level or tropospheric ozone (O3). NO2 is widely connected with PM10 although the latter is increased by high levels of diesel powered vehicle use (usually trucks and commercial cars). Particulate matter is classified by size as ultrafine (PM1.0), fine (PM2.5) and coarse (PM10). The smallest is thought to be the most deadly since it travels furthest into the bloodstream and the body. It is, (as you can see), very dangerous. All of this will have increased at least 10 times more in 40 years, which poses a big threat to human life and health.

Tech is another thing that will have increased dramatically in the future.

Tech: The latest communication device is the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus.

From the first iphone to the iphone 7 apples design improvements have been to make the iphone bigger and to produce new and different colors and improved cameras. The First Iphone is small and has an earphone jack on the top. Apple has now removed the headphone jack from the iphone 7 because they wanted to make it slimmer. By removing the headphone jack they found a solution to use the charger hole for the headphone jack, they make more money by this because people need to buy wireless headphones or they have to by the connective to the wires headphones.

Earth will be dangerous because of the large population and tech industries, and also since there will also be less available housing, the crime rate will rise as well. Buildings will be very luxurious and very fancy, but the apartments in them will be very small, and they will have to be taller and taller as the population grows. It will, however, be very good to have more complex medicines, so there will probably be cures for almost anything.

Affects to the buildings: buildings will have to sustain more weight as our earth gradually becomes more polluted and overpopulated. There will have to be very clever design for buildings in order to sustain earths growing population.

Best case: there is a lot of good technology out there, and it might be able to neutralize the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. For instance: a lot of companies that use a lot of energy now use windmills and solar panels-- clean ways to produce energy. If this keeps going, we will have enough clean energy sources to keep our environment relatively ok.

Worst case: the amount of people living in cities will have been increased by 66 percent by 2050. There will be (predictably) more property demand and prices will rise-- there will be more people with no homes.

Most probable:

There will have to be very smart building design so we can keep to earth's spreading population.

better energy sources will help a bit with sustaining the pollution, but even with the growth of pollution being slightly stunted, it will still continue to grow.

amount of urban areas and the population inside them will grow by a little less than 66 percent, probably.

For this research plan, I put all of the ideal information that I would want into this, and kept all the ideal aspects of how i would find it as well.
My mood board

This was my mood board. Here I pasted all of the components of the different images that I want to have in my building.

Preliminary drawings:

(I based all drawings off of my research plan and one off of my video analysis).

These were my results from my survey. Based off of these results, I deduced that most people like a very modern and comfortable, not to mention luxurious home. This will be hard becuase I still have to make sure that my building will be heathy for the enviorment as well as well liked by m customers.

Since I couldent put my video on here, this is my equivalent for my spark page.
This is a basic outside drawing of my building (drawing no.1)

This building will appeal to people 40 years in the future who dont have a lot of money, and who need a cheap place where they can live. It is a very modern-looking building, and is quite new.

House drawing no.2

This house will be extremely modern, and will be extremely satisfying to look at. It will appeal to (like the one above) people 40 years in the future who dont have a lot of money, and who need a cheap place where they can live. It will be located in the outskirts of the big city, so that there will be more room and fresh air. It will be pretty big, and very safe, because it will have a very good alarm system which I forgot to put on there.

My design drawing 3
My design drawing no.4
My specification points
My CAD, or Computer Animated Drawing
My design idea review for my CAD
Instructions for making my model

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