Islam Julia Januskevicius

Islam is a very big religion. Many people in the Middle East practice this monotheistic ( belief in one god) religion. The followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims that believe in the god Allah, Arabic for "the God", and they also believe Muhammad was Allah's prophet. Islam began in Mecca in A.D 610. Other prophets, that come from other religions, are Moses, David, Noah, Abraham, etc.

Mecca at night with pretty skies.

Muslims believe in a few major beliefs thoroughly. They believe in one god, Allah, in their holy/sacred text; the Quran, and the believe in the Five Pillars. The Five Pillars consist of, The Shahadah, The Salat or the Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj. They are also called the Pillars of Islam. The Kaaba is the shrine located in Mecca, for the followers during the pilgrimage, or Hajj.

Colourful picture of the 5 Pillars, and explanation of the first pillar.

There are two main religious sects in the religion of Islam. The Sunni and the Shiites. There are more sects in this religion, but these two are the major ones. Sunni's are the largest branch in Islam, and have over 1.7 billion adherents. The Shiites are a minority, that have under 10-13% people. There are amazing holidays. Ramadan, the Feast of the Fst are common and widely celebrated holidays in Islamic culture.


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