Water Scarcity in Sudan Jordan Murphy - Miss Yeo

Introduction to Sudan: Sudan is located in the southern region of North Africa. Sudan is south, which means that it is closer to the equator therefore spending more time in the sun, inturn more than half of the little water existing in Sudan is evaporated annually. I chose Sudan as I thought Sudan would have some very interesting facts according to its location.

Definition of Physical Water Scarcity - physical water scarcity means that the water is physically not there and when there is not enough water to meet the demands.

Carrying minimal amount of water back

Definition of Economic Water Scarcity - economic water scarcity means that there is not enough money in the water infrastructure therefore they don't have enough money to afford potable water.

The main factors causing water scarcity in Sudan - is mostly the environment. The environment is one of the main contributing factors why Sudan has water scarcity because the climate in Sudan is very dry, hot and has little annual rain. This means that there is hardly any water run-off flowing into dams, rivers or lakes which is where most people in Sudan get water from.

Sudan is located south of North Africa

Water scarcity in Sudan is mostly caused by the dry, hot climate. The long days of sun are evaporating the little amount of water existing in Sudan.

Precipitation is the lowest in August, with an average of 27 mm. Most of the precipitation falls in January with a 270 mm average. With the sun always out, 69% of the rainfall in Sudan gets evaporated annually.

Precipitation graph of Sudan

This graph illustrates that most of the rainfall falls in South Sudan leaving the rest of Sudan with a physical water scarcity. Sudan is situated in the south region of North Africa meaning it is closer to the equator. As Sudan is closer to the equator than any other country in North Africa it spends more time in the hot sun due to the longer daylight hours. This leads to more evaporation of the existing water left in parts of Sudan.

The environment is a big reason why Sudan has a water scarcity. The climate is a problem as the hot weather evaporates all the water vapours into the sky and clouds.

Sudan climate graphs

These climate graphs show that in Sudan it is very humid, hot and has a very low amount of rainfall. These are the main reasons why Sudan has a water scarcity.

To help the population in Sudan there is a donation line in progress where money, food, potable water and technology is being imported to help the crisis. Medical advisors are also sent to Sudan to provide further help to the Sudan population.

A way to reduce the water scarcity in Sudan is to build a wastewater plant to turn all of the dirty and contaminated water into usable potable water.

Wastewater Plant







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