Elizabeth :)

self concept- You concisely know what you look like, and that image is not effected by self esteem.

for instance, i know i'm short or medium.

Self esteem- The way you feel about yourself as a whole. As in body and mind.

for example, I tend to over exaggerate my weight because I may not like my size. (I think we all understand this feeling)

What makes me, me... Welp. For starters, my favorite thing to do, is slip into my comfy pants and sit on my bed next to the heater and read. Or check my Instagram. I love social media. Anything that i can call my own, I love. I also love spending time with my mother. She's like a hero to me. And I love my adopted baby, Molly the dog. Without her, I'd feel empty. Oh yeah, and i love inspirational quotes, and my favorite animal at the moment is a bird. <3

pretty much me in a nutshell. i'm a goofy human being.

I value life, freedom, justice, my parents/ family, my adopted baby, and pizza.


And my morals are fairly simple. Don't do something that you know is gonna get you in trouble, if you're a man act like it, if you're a woman act like it, be happy with what you have, but it's okay to be selfish sometimes if you can afford to be, and if a person chooses to bring life into the world they need to commit to it and not abandon it, etc.


Other crazy things about me: I don't like brussels sprouts, and I love broccoli. my middle name was based off of my grandmothers first name. I am viking, Irish, Scottish, British, Native American, Italian, Sicilian, and French.


And lastly, as a wish/dream, I would like to work in the medical field and be able to support myself and possibly a family one day. I want to earn the right to be addressed as doctor.


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