Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH


American Mastodon

When I came into the museum, this “huge monster” capture my attention. The American Mastodon roamed North American from 3 million to 10,000years ago. About 15million years ago, ancestors of the American Mastodon were the first proboscidians to reach Florida as they spread throughout North America. So why did this catch my attention? Well, when I came in the museum, I saw this exhibit at the first glance. How huge it is! Then I saw the information about this I know that the adults stood between 8-10 feet at the shoulder and weighed 5-7 tons. I was interested in fossils when I was in primary school, I enjoyed watching cartoon programs about whales, dinosaurs and so on. However, after seeing this skeleton, I realized that how amazing the nature is, and human is just a part of the nature.


chiefly exchange

The scene in the diorama represents an exchange of exotic goods between the leader from Chattahoochee landing on the Apalachicola River and visiting noble man from the town. In the background, people from Etowah and the local community observe the exchange. Other containers hold goods ready for exchange. I find that people of different land have different habits and customs, and it is interesting to learn more details.


In the museum, there are several kinds of sharks' teeth. However, when I went over to look at its introduction, it said that "all of these sharks species are extinct, except the Great White Shark". I started thinking about why sharks become extinct? Were people polluted the marine resource? Is the Earth's climate not suitable for sharks to living? I am not sure. But I know that humans and other creatures are parts of the nature, we should live in harmony. Human beings have the responsibility to protect the environment and animals, and don't let the tragedy of extinction happens again.

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